[Lower Edmonton]

Welcome to my site about Lower Edmonton. This site started off some time around the mid-1990s with a somewhat tongue in cheek attitude as there couldn't possibly be much to write about. It still is tongue in cheek in places but it turned out that it was actually possible to find quite a bit to write about and there is no doubt a lot more that could be written. The peak period for the creation of content on this site was around 2001 to 2005. I moved out of Lower Edmonton in December 2005 and have been largely out of touch with developments and when I do revisit the area I don't have the time to go exploring. I think it is best to consider the site have been frozen back in 2005 as far as content goes. There has been the odd tweak here and there but these days the occasional edit to the site is normally to acknowledge information that is known to be out of date. Sorry about that.

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