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Shops in 1937 Part 2: The high road

A look at the local shops on the high road (Hertford Road and Fore Street) away from The Green.
Please note that most pages on this site have had little attention since the end of 2005 so may be somewhat out of date. Even if some parts of the page have clearly been updated that does not mean all the page has.

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Hertford Road (local shops)

Having covered the lost shops at the south of the Hertford Road, which could arguably be considered as part of the main shopping centre of Edmonton, there is the rest of the Hertford Road up to the boundary to consider where there are lots of parades of "local shops".

It is perhaps a lot to read into the presence of absence of shops with certain numbers but my feeling is that, apart from the east side of the road between Forest Road and Tramway Avenue where I can only think of number 392 as a survivor, the architecture is pretty much as it was back in 1937. The only other obvious difference is the 329 – 337 is now a petrol station and I can remember that appearing so that is probably a 1970s alteration. I am also inferring that the parades either side of "the bottom of Galliard Road" and from Cleveland Road to Ripon Road were probably brand new and hence not fully occupied.

The area north of Forest Road leading up to Tudor Road dates back to the 1970s I think, though it could be a little earlier and may have been a vacant site for a while before that. There is a decent sized parade of shops there now where I believe it was probably a residential terrace in 1937, but it can be seen that in the area just to the south there were once even more.

[Bedford Road]
403 Smith florist
[383–385 is now the car showroom]
383 Buckingham butcher
355 Goodchild estate agents
351 Childs grocer
349 Royal London Mutual Insurance Society
[King Edward's Road]
347 White dining rooms
345 Lambard confectioner & Post Office
343 Richart hairdresser
341 Berry photographer
339 Chapman tailor
335 Lay insurance agent
331 Taylor bookseller
[Bridlington Road]
[Ripon Road]
315 Allen's builders merchants
303 Dawson optician
295 Perry confectioner
[Cleveland Road]
293 Taylor motor dealer
291 Gabel ladies hairdresser
289 Carswell butcher
287 Carswell grocer
285 Sanderson chemist
283 Lear & Kersey confectioners
281 Davis estate agents, WLM Estates builders
279 Crown Libraries
277 Denby milliners
269 Cock Tavern pub
[Houndsfield Road]
267 Anthony newsagent
259 Halford dining rooms
[North Road]
257 Wilcox grocer, Austin printer
251 Tyrell draper
235 Berndes fishmonger
[Henderson Road]
233 Styles fruiterer
231 Haggar oil dealer
229 Knight confectioner
227 Sizer hairdresser
225 Detloff laundry
223 Ives fishmonger
221 Morgan draper
219 Ives fishmonger
217 Elliott boot repairer
215 Willis newsagent
211 Sykes fruiterer
[Denny Road]
209 Wedlock coffee bar
207 Barnard undertaker
205 Lowe draper
203 Page's Drug Stores chemists
201 Sober hairdresser
195 London Co-operative Society
193 London Co-operative Society
187 Hibberd baker
[Sutherland Road]
185 People's Valet Service cleaners
  Maton Hall
[Bury Street]
169 Mann confectionary
[Boundary ditch]
600 Enfield Highway Co-Op
598 Rowlands milliner
596 Ubach (?)
582 Anderson & Grill greengrocer
580 Dewhurst butcher
578 Tesco Stores grocers
574 Lewis tobacconist
[Nightingale Road]
572 Scott refreshment rooms
570 Jeffries grocer
568 Allwright hardware stores
566a Warren boot repairer
564 Sutcliffe & Dunn fried fish
542 Allwright builders merchant
540 Copper sand merchant
514 Hughes ladies hairdresser
[Cuckoo Hall Lane]
494 Scarr district insurance superintendent
468 Robinson boot repairer
 [St Alphege Road]]
442 Andrews hourse furnisher
438 Ferguson carman
[Causeyware Road]
436 Carey greengrocer
434 Bennett butcher
432 Fry newsagent
430 Harris motor cycle engineer
428 Harris motor cycle engineer
426 Duran watchmaker
424 Superb Electric Co. wireless engineers
422 Henri fancy draper
420 Belcher grocer
418 Fort confectioner
416 Gill refreshment rooms
[Tramway Avenue]
St Alphege's (the "tin church" / the "iron church")
[Elizabeth Ride]
396 Houndsfield Working Men's Club
[Tudor Road]
392 Dunford motor sidecar body builder
[St Joseph's Road]
354 Jesshope grocer
352 Haynes butcher
350 Pretty confectioner
348 Richards greengrocer
346 Smith picture enlarger
344 Driver boot repairer
342 Grogg hairdresser
340 Riches draper
338 Gray greengrocer
336 Swain confectioner
334 Henry oil & color dealer
[St Mary's Road]
332 Fisher motor accessories
330 Nash baker
328 Bennett butcher
326 Vernon boot & shoe repairer
324 Davis beer retailer
[Forest Road]
308 French dressmaker
282 Whitaker french polisher
[Lowden Road]
276 Owen grocer & Post Office
274 Heslop furniture dealer
270 Mitchell Bros butcher
268 Willis tobacconist
266 Dance boot repairer
238 Munt builder
206 Pooley boot repairer
196 Burridge timber merchants & plant dealer
[Rosemary Avenue]
192 King William IV pub
186 George refreshment rooms
184 George florist
[Bounces Road]
134 Clarke motor engineers

The directory shows the London Co-Op with the address "Maton Hall, Hertford Road". Carole Jones on the message board tells me this was on the corner of the Hertford Road and Bury Street so it is the building that I have always assumed was St Michael's church hall (it may well have been once for all I know). Had I pronounced it properly my mum would have told me that ages ago ;-) These days Tom Clay's is number 171 but that building was also used by the Co-Op and the number 171 also seems to cover the hall and one or two other premises (perhaps out the back).

Fore Street

The west side of Fore Street from bridge Road down to Park Road does seem to be substantially unchanged since 1937. I have batched the entries below in groups reflecting different terraces and logical (to me) groupings.

I don't know where number 323 is now, unless it is down an alley somewhere (not impossible as there was once a farrier trading at the address), and similarly I am not aware of a modern number 289. 273 is Argos now but the building may well be a later replacement. 279-281 is the Enfield Foyer (old M.K. Electric offices) which is a c. 1980s building and probably replaced two of the detached houses as found on either side.

Between the Horse & Groom and The Steps pubs there are now the Mercedes Benz showrooms (which has changed hands a few times over the years and has been a petrol station too), the Community Mental Health Centre and Faith House with Community House behind it. The directory offers the electric company at 305 and Edmonton Day Nursery in this space at number 311 (which is used for Community House now) which is probably all there was as I believe the Day Nursery was converted from an old town house so there isn't much space umaccounted for.

I have only found one entry in the 365 – 373 terrace (that's the first of the three big terraces that lead up to Bridge Road) which makes me wonder if perhaps that terrace is later than I thought, though I should say 373 covers the three of the seven shops in the terrace.

As a complete contrast from the west side, the east side has long since been almost completely demolished and redeveloped. Fortunately I can provide some anchors to help make sense of things. The Town Hall was on the corner of Knight's Lane and Fore Street and next to this was, by the 1960s, another building whose function I can't recall and then a terrace of shops that I know started with 472 and went at least as far as 466 because of a photo of the area. As the Metropolitan Police station occupying this area now has the number 462 I speculated that this terrace ended with number 462 on the corner with Plevna Road. I speculated wrong though as checking a 1902 directory reveals Plevna Road between 454 and 452 ;-)

Further down the road there is a junction with Osman Road which occurs between numbers 408 and 414. The 1902 directory shows the same jump in numbering. I have seen a photo showing that number 408 was definitely a corner plot. Sebastopol Road is easy to anchor as the Albion pub was on the north side of the junction.

The police station at number 320 is still there, albeit as 1 Station Mews, and the Methodist Church is number 300. Brettenham Road has moved over the years so I can't say where it was in 1937 but I'll assume it was in the old location. The last point I use as a reference is number 262 which is now Lobo Fisheries fishmonger just south of the modern estate.

I have presented the shops as two columns for either side of the road but as with the others they are meant to be read vertically and not horizontally.

405 Cook & Jones pawnbrokers
403 Cook & Jones pawnbrokers
399 Wade tailor
397 Home & Colonial Stores grocers
395 Lilley & Skinner boot makers
393 Ramsbotham grindery dealer
391 Rees boot and shoes, Jennings confectioners
389 Sainsbury provisions
387 Direct Supply Cork, Lino & Carpet Company
385 Haylock boot dealer
383 Buckingham butcher
381 Maison Cee ladies hairdresser
379 Lujon milliners
377 Jack's Stores grocers
375 Magnet Stores
373 Burdon & Miles motor engineers
363 London Co-Op
[Warriner Drive — previously a car park entrance]
355 London Co-Op
353 London Co-Op
[Shrubbery Road ]
339 Salvation Army Citadel
337 Library
[Shrubbery Road ]
335 Wilson corn chandler
333 Hibberd baker
331 Hammond opticians
329 Simmonds beer retailers
327 Recorder Cycle Co.
325 Recorder Cycle Co.
323 Wooding wholesale confectioner
321 Crown & Horseshoes
311 Edmonton Day Nursery
305 North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Co.
291 Horse & Groom
289 Telfer (?)
287 British Legion
283 Sanders estate agents
281 London Quilt Company
279 MCC Tubercular Dispensary
277 Scanlan physician
275 Bradley's Stores house furnishers
273 Bradley's Stores house furnishers
271 Golden Fleece
  Town Hall
472 Nix rate collector
470 Joy dining rooms
468 Bamfield draper
466 Bamfield draper
464 Riley builders merchant
462 Anderson tobacconists, Cornwall tobacconists
460 Fergusson boot and shoe dealer
456 Tyrell & Jones outfitters
454 Tyrell & Jones outfitters
[Plevna Road]
452 Williams confectioners
450 Larkins greengrocer
448 Hanson wireless supplies
446 Andrews wool repository
444 Hibberd baker
442 Hibberd baker
440 Barber dentist
438 Barber hairdresser
434 Madeley antique dealer
432 Miller florist
426 Veasey florist
424 Gunn confectioners
422 Gunn newsagents
420 Warner coffee rooms
418 Bygrave cats' meat dealer
414 Booth house furnisher
[Osman Road]
408 Youell oilman
406 Barker confectioner
404 Weed boot repairer
402 Claxton picture frame maker
398 Wynn wireless supplies
386 Taylor ladies hairdressers
384 Hilton removal contractor
382 Eykel watchmaker
376 Wiley basket maker
372 Edmonton Labour Party
370 Pratt grocer and Post Offfice
368 Knight florist
366 Willers outfitter
364 Willers outfitter
362 Willers outfitter
360 Mabott grocer
356 William bootmaker
352 Albion pub
[Sebastopol Road]
350 Cropley undertaker
348 Cropley undertaker
346 Matthews tobacconist
344 Maretta lad. h/dresser
338a Chapman refreshment rooms
336 Goodley coal dealer
330 Scowen builder
326 Cohen tailor
324 Rose ladies' tailor
322 King's motor depot
320 Police Station
318 Guiver auctioneers
316 Edmonton Conservative Association
300 Methodist Church
[Brettenham Road]
  St Mary's Church
262 Jennings confectioner

Just to help you relate to the above...

...as of January 2003. Recorder closed later in the year and the corner plot of Shrubbery House has changed to a hairdressers.

Fred Wade's shop later extended into number 401 on two storeys with mens wear and ladies wear and school wear. Rambotham's became a sports shop and opened up an additional shop as Edmonton Green Sports when the North Mall was built. Recorder is now just a single shop and also has Teleradio on the sign and still does sell assorted electronic sorts of things. Teleradio had a couple of shops elsewhere in 1937 and later there was a shop called Teleradio Supplies in one of the terraces nearer The Green (I forget which one).

I can't really add too much to the east side. There is a big gap between 262 (which is now Lobo fisheries) and 300 and back in 1937 the first part of that would have been accounted for by St Mary's Church. Brettenham Road would have been right next to it (it wasn't straightened until the 1970s) and that would have represented the boundary between Upper and Lower Edmonton. The directory does list a decorator, a plumber and a doctor in the addresses up to the Methodist Church but those sound like the sort of trades one could carry out from largely residential properties (there were certainly ten houses there, grouped as two, two, three and three goinf north).

Fore Street doesn't seem to have been numbered until the turn of the 19th Century. Comparing a couple of old directories and looking on the map for appropriately sized terraces, I can confidently suggest the following...

The stretch from Osman Road to Plevna Road just seems to be referred to as Lower Fore Street with no extra naming.

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