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Demolition and Construction c. 1970

The construction of Edmonton Green Shopping Centre at the end of the 1960s and beginning of the 1970s wasn't a case of just knocking everything down and then starting again. Demolition and construction happened side by side.
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'Ron' has sent me a couple of photos that were taken from the top of one of the tower blocks at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre (presumably Pennine House) which show construction and demolition underway in The Broadway and New Road area. I don't know the exact date so I've said c. 1970. The views are broadly similar though it might be possible to pick out details in one or the other more easily.

The common features of both photos are the Granada (former Empire) on New Road being demolished while in the foreground St Georges multi-storey car park is being constructed and on the right hand side is the distinctive shape of The Broadway multi-storey rising up. The photos also give a nice view of the shops on The Broadway and the buildings on New Road that were yet to bite the dust.

This particular view shows the old housing on the Barbot Estate in the background behind the railway.

This second view is broadly similar. Notable in this photo are the two nine-car trains in the station. The relatively ornate looking building on New Road in the centre of this photo is the Conservative Club. If memory serves me correctly this moved to a rather anonymous looking new building on Balham Road.

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