Cookie and Privacy Policies

The Anidea site

For the purposes of this page, the 'Anidea site' means any site normally served using the '' prefix that does not publish its own cookie and privacy policy.

Cookie policy

I neither set nor use cookies on the Anidea site so you should not encounter first-party cookies (meaning cookies with the domain set to or I did once have Google Analytics on this site and, as that ran a script, the cookies created by it were first party. They were never meaningful to me. If you haven't cleared your cookies for a long time it is possible some may linger on your system. They should not return if deleted.

Where the Anidea site incorporates content hosted by third parties, there may be third party cookies set as a result of normal usage of this site. I have no access to those cookies at all. Currently I am not aware of any such content not covered by other cookie and privacy policies.

Privacy Policy

Your visit to the Anidea site will be logged in the usual anonymous fashion by the host ISP and the logs are available to me. I don't share them with anyone and will only use them for web analytics purposes.