BUGS				No specific bugs known but it seems likely there may be some.
6.1.2	13/10/2020	If no images are marked as default slider images, the resulting empty array
					throws a warning/error on array_rand(). This seems to be a PHP 7+ thing.
					* Check for empty array in array_rand() (slider-options.php).
6.1.1	05/07/2020  Posts and search results were not respecting the H1 Background Colour 
					global option. Search results were using purple for links instead of the
					default blue and so looked like the foreground colour was being ignore when
					in fact it was irrelevant.
					* Add background colour class to H1 (search.php, single.php).
					* Change link colours for H3 (style.css).
6.1.0	08/10/2018	The Theme and Author URIs were still using http: when they are now https:.
					Triple the number of Panes to give flexibilty, but hide new ones by default.
					* Minor admin (style.css).
					* Add panes to Main Index (index.php, index-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Options for panes (pane.php, pane-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Sidebars for panes (function-options.php).
		22/10/2018	On reflection it is better to show all the panes by default to make things
					more consistent when ETO is used as that doesn't have defaults as such.
					* Tweak default display of panes (index-options.php).
					* Deal with a typo (eto-options.php).
6.0.2	04/07/2018	Already had a 'TODO' item for options for headlings so when Andrew Chick 
					asked about colours of headings as he'd like to be able to have
					them match the country colours it was time to do something about it. H1 is
					easy enough to change and H2 isn't used by the theme. Ignore search results
					for the moment.
					* Use options for the H1 background (function-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Use the H1 background (page.php).
		09/08/2018	Still have H3 to deal with. Realistically that has to be handled by adding
					extra stylesheet entries. Leave search results page with default Scout 
					Purple because the headers are links and that gets even more complicated.
					* Use options for the H3 colour (function-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Add array to map colour names to hex RGB (colour-options.php).
					* Add a stylesheet in the header to change H3 (header.php).
					* Use Scout Teal for active header links in search results (search.php).
6.0.1	04/07/2018	The link highlight colour in the Footer was still using a 2015 brand colour
					and has been changed to Scout Yellow. The links in the boxes were using 2015
					colours for both the link itself and highlighting and now use the theme
					default Scout Navy and Scout Green. Andrew Chick asked about colours of 
					headings as he'd like them to match the country colours, which is a good point.
					* Footer link highlighting (style.css).
					* Boxes link colours (style.css).
		03/07/2018	The link highlight colour in the Tabs was overlooked and has now been changed
					to use Scout Yellow. Also allow for white tabs being chosen.
					* Tabs link highlighting (style.css).
		22/06/2018	Move the colour definitions for the text editor to a separate file to make
					it easier to change them in child themes.
					* Separate file for colour definitions (functions.php, colour-options.php).
6.0.0	22/06/2018	Stop fiddling and let it out there.
					* Change version number (style.css).
5.3.7	21/06/2018	The info about the logged in user that can be displayed in a box needs to
					be brought on brand, even if it is only the outline colour. The 'bhcookies'
					shortcode generates a table that could do with some better styling.
					* Tweak 'userinfo' to use brand colours (style.css).
					* Some token styling on 'bhcookies' shortcode (functions.php, style.css).
5.3.6	19/06/2018	The sidebar menus look better with a larger font now they are using the new
					font and mixed case. An issue with WP Menus losing the background colour in
					sub-menus somewhere along the line has been fixed by improving specificity.
					Fix stylesheet cache busting for sites using child themes.
					* Increase font size in sidebar menus (style.css).
					* Fix issue with missing background in WP Menus (style.css).
					* Combine child and parent versions to cache bust (header.php).
5.3.5	14/06/2018	A spot of old fashioned cache busting of the stylesheet using the theme 
					version number. Display theme version number(s) in footer as well.
					* Add query string to cache bust stylesheet (header.php).
					* Display theme version number(s) in footer (footer.php).
					* Rename logo (images/header/scoutpurple_logo.png, style.css).
					* Add Scout Red logo (images/header/scoutred_logo.png, style.css).
					* Add Scout Green logo (images/header/scoutgreen_logo.png, style.css).
					* Add Scout Blue logo (images/header/scoutblue_logo.png, style.css).
					* Handle choice of logo (header.php, header-options.php, eto-options.php).
5.3.4	14/06/2018	Replaced favicon. Changed navbar text size and padding as looked a bit small
					now it is using mixed case. More default colours. Copyright text needed to
					use latest brand colours too.
					* Replaced favicon (images/favicon/favicon.png).
					* Navbar text size and padding (style.css).
					* Change boxes default colours (eto-options.php and boxes-options.php).
					* Change panes default colours (eto-options.php and panes-options.php).
					* Change tabs default colours (eto-options.php and boxes-options.php).
					* Change header default colours (eto-options.php and header-options.php).
					* Brand colours in copyright text (style.css).
5.3.3	14/06/2018	Version 5.3.2 snapshot used on documentation site so change version number.
					Guidelines recommend use weight of black (900) for headlines and H1 sounds a
					bit headline-ish. Sort out the colours in the sidebard, and add the selection
					of greys to the editor colour picker, removing the default colours completely.
					* Switch weight of H1 to black (style.css).
					* Sort out default colours for stuff in sidebar (style.css).
					* Add greys to editor and remove default colours (functions.php).
5.3.2	14/06/2018	Change a bespoke colour used as a light background to a permitted percentage
					of black. Remove uppercase from headings as it is no longer mentioned in the
					brand guidelines. Start fixing the default colours.
					* Change a bespoke background colour to a brand colour (style.css).
					* Remove all folding to uppercase and change heading colours (style.css).
					* Change navbar default colours (eto-options.php and navbar-options.php).
					* Change footer default colours (eto-options.php and footer-options.php).
					* Change WP Menus colours (style.css).
5.3.1	12/06/2018	Add Nunito Sans in five weights as a Google font. Sort out the section logos.
					The options refer to the 'UK Cookie Law'. GDPR has muddied the waters so
					change the wording in the options.
					* Load Google font and use it in place of Arial and Helvetica (style.css).
					* Remove brand illustration (header.php, header-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Remove logoset option (logo.php, logo-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Replace section logos (logo-options.php, images/logos/).
					* Adjust styling of section logos (style.css).
					* Adjust cookie policy wording (eto-options.php).
5.3.0	11/06/2018	Starting work to handle 2018 branding by incorporating the new logo and
					the new Scout colours.
					* Added eight new colours to editor (functions.php).
					* Added eight new colours to options (eto-options.php).
					* Remove 'scout' from front of colours (eto-options.php, style.css).
					* Ditto (boxes-options.php, navbar-options.php, pane-options.php).
					* Ditto (footer-options.php, functions-options, header-options.php).
					* Ditto (tabs-options.php).
					* New logo (images/header/Scouts_Logo_Stack_Purple.png).
					* Adjust for new logo (style.css, header.php, header-options.php).
					* Tweak link and header colours to use new brand colours (style.css).
					* Change to Scout Yellow text in top and bottom banners (style.css).
5.2.0	23/06/2016	Occasionally Theme Check is run over the theme to see if there are any
					tweaks that can easily be made to keep it happy, and an eye is kept open
					for different ways of doing things that have crept it over the years.
					This all tends to just be fluff really.
					* Add a Text Domain (style.css).
					* Switch to wp_get_current_user() (boxes.php).
					* Move some stuff to run after setup (functions.php).
5.1.2	18/12/2015	Some plugins only provide shortcodes which do not work in the text of
					widgets 'out of the box'. WordPress does have a filter to change this
					behaviour so this has been added as an option.
					* Option for widget shortcodes(function-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Add the option code (function-options.php).
5.1.1	14/11/2015	The 'target' attribute is no longer deprecated in HTML 5 so with the Shop
					item in the menu being an offsite link by default it seems reasonable to
					support a target for that. Credit again to David Fardon.
					* Add Shop URL target option (navbar-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Add the target attribute to the Shop URL if required (navbar.php).
5.1.0	05/11/2015	Define a sidebar so widgets can be used instead of the built-in Slider
					functionality. Fix bugs in some of the sidebars where the 'after_title'
					option hadn't been defined as intended. Credit to David Fardon of the
					1st Petersfield Scouts for asking about using a different slider plugin.
					* Add sidebar and fix bugs in some others (functions.php).
					* Use sidebar as slider if has any widgets (slider.php).
5.0.0	19/05/2015	The theme is being rebranded as 'Scouting Challenge', though the Beverley
					Hall name will still be echoed in variable names and things. Add a third
					row of boxes.
					* Rename theme to 'Scouting Challenge' (style.css).
					* Change screenshot (screenshot.png).
					* Add a third row of boxes (boxes.php, style.css).
					* Options for boxes (boxes-options.php, eto-options.php).
4.1.1	25/02/2015	There can now be three 'Panes' with a third one shown on the Main Index
					by default. They are no longer numbered automatically.
					* Extra sidebar (functions.php).
					* Extra options (index-options.php, pane-options, eto-options.php).
					* Extra call to the Pane module (index.php).
					* Tweak code to have manual pane numbers (index.php, pane.php).
4.1.0	23/02/2015	The footer included site links that were only configurable by editing
					the source. These have been moved to links-options.php to be global and
					added to Easy Theme Options.
					* Create global site links (links-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Use global site links (footer-options.php, footer.php).
		24/02/2015	It would seem useful to be able to have a full width text area on the 
					index page so the 'Pane' module has been introduced. It can be called
					twice and each pane is a sidebar. The Main Index Page Template now calls
					the Pane module before and after the Boxes. The default is to show the
					Panes so existing users will need to hide them. Also corrected a bug
					which meant boxes were always shown on home page if the logos were.
					* Create Pane module (pane.php, pane-options.php).
					* Create Pane sidebars (functions.php).
					* Create Pane options (pane-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Add Pane styling (style.css).
					* Add panes to index (index.php, index-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Remove stray code forcing display of boxes (logo-options.php).
4.0.4	19/02/2015	The TSA logo in the theme was inherited and was a curious 98x69 in size.
					It also included white space at the top and bottom that does not appear 
					in the official version. A new logo has been created by resizing the 
					official version and it is now 100x62. The CSS has been adjusted to 
					maintain the exclusion zone and alignment accordingly. The theme now
					adjusts to the height of any custom logo, although there is no resizing
					at the moment.
					* Replace logo (images/header/logo_scouts.png).
					* Adjust CSS (style.css).
					* Adjust to height of any custom logo (header.php).
		23/02/2015	Allow the CSS background-position of the logo to be overridden. Fix bug
					in an ETO options helper function that didn't allow for '0' being a
					valid option.
					* Option to override logo position (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
					* Add inline CSS to override logo position (header.php).
					* Fix bug in ETO options helper function (functions.php).
4.0.3	19/02/2015	Allow the TSA purple logo in the header to be overridden with an image
					from the Media Library by specifying its ID. Logo is 98x69 and used as
					a CSS background image. Other sizes can be used but the layout might not
					be too happy about it.
					* Override logo (header-options.php, header.php, eto-options.php).
4.0.2	05/02/2015	The 2015 section logos had been copied from the brand guidelines. New
					logos have now been generated from the source image files. The brand 
					guidelines are now more sympathetic to use of the fleur-de-lis by itself
					and this is now used as the 'favicon'.
					* New logo files (images/logos/).
					* Adjust details of logo files (logos-options.php).
					* New favicon file (images/favicon/favicon.png).
4.0.1	28/01/2015	The theme includes a default 'on brand' tagline which was inherited from
					the Scouts 4 WordPress theme. Tweaks to the header in earlier versions of
					the theme would seem to cause this to line wrap when viewed in Internet 
					Explorer using an 'out of the box' configuration, though it is fine in 
					Chrome and Firefox. To avoid this the tagline has been shortened.
					* Shorten default tagline (header-options.php).
		30/01/2015	With the introduction of single colour section logos, it seemed like a 
					good idea to match the default colour of the top row of boxes to the 
					logos that will typically display above them. The second row has then
					been given the colours for the other two possible sections and the
					'corporate' colour.
					* Change default box colours (eto-options.php, boxes-options.php).
4.0.0	26/01/2015	The 2015 Brand Guidelines have triggered a number of changes. There are
			now sixteen colours in the palette, of which eight could reasonably be
			considered to correspond with the previous palette. The new palette does
			not have the colour names like 'Scout Orange' that were in the previous
			guidelines so the theme is quoting the Pantone numbers in descriptions 
			and using invented colour names like 'darkgreen' internally. The old
			palette of colours has been completely replaced in the theme and in the 
			process eto-options.php has been tweaked so the colours only need to be
			defined once. The brand guidelines no longer show the TSA logo in any
			colour but purple so the option to use other colours has been removed.
			There is no longer any mention of Verdana being used for the web body
			font so that has switched to Arial. The default section logos are now
			the 2015 versions.
			* Redefine any colours with obvious matches (style.css).
			* Merge the two greys (style.css, eto-options.php, *-options.php).
			* Redefine the colours for the page/post editor (functions.php).
			* Add colours to ETO options and tweak the code (eto-options.php).
			* Add extra colours to CSS (style.css).
			* Remove logo colour option (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* No longer need classes for logo colour (header.php, style.css).
			* Use Arial instead of Verdana (style.css).
			* Default to new section logos (logos-options.php, eto-options.php). 
3.6.1	20/01/2015	When using plugins that block page or post content for certain users the 
			Featured Image will still be displayed. Some of those plugins just
			replace the content with plain text messages which would flow straight
			after the image and look untidy. This can be fixed by styling the
			.wp-post-image class to display: block.
			* Style Featured Image as display: block (style.css).
3.6.0	12/01/2015	There are new section logos being introduced in early 2015 which need to
			be supported. These will have to be optional to start with. They are
			different widths to the old ones so when more than three are displayed it
			it necessary to use smaller ones. Also correct an incorrect global variable
			names in logo.php which might have caused issues if the logos module was
			called more than once on a page.
			* Add new images to theme (images/logos/).
			* Define logos parameters in options file (logos.php, logos-options.php).
			* Extra styles to handle variable logo sizes (style.css).
			* Option to use 2015 logos (logos-options.php, eto-options.php);
			* Correct global variable name (logos.php).
3.5.0	10/11/2014	The footer.php file contained two uses of <? instead of <?php which 
			causes a parsing error when PHP is (sensibly) not configured with 
			short_open_tag on. Unfortunately the host the theme is being developed on
			does have this option set by default and so they sneaked through. 
			Apologies for this and thank you to Barry Price for reporting the issue.
			Some tweaks have been made to make the theme more compatible with the
			'best practice'.
			* Replace short open tags used inadvertently (footer.php).
			* Use home_url() instead of get_option('home') (header.php).
			* Register sidebars as 'widgets_init' action (functions.php).
			* <title> now only calls wp_title() (header.php).
			* Add filter for wp_title (functions.php).
			* Use body_class() on <body> tag (header.php).
3.4.6	06/07/2014	Work on styling of Comments.
			* Styling of Comments (style.css).
	04/07/2014	Fix PHP warning in single.php and create a comments.php as legacy code is
			* Correct PHP and remove div around comments_template() (single.php).
			* Create Comments template (comments.php).
	03/07/2014	Rework the Logos code to handle five logos, including a Network logo. The
			Logos look better left aligned once the Network logo comes along.
			* Add a Network logo (images/logos/network_trans_192x50.png).
			* Allow for five logos (logos-options.php, logos.php, style.css).
			* Change Logos options (logos-options.php, eto-options.php).
3.4.5	02/07/2014	Displaying a Navbar/WP Menus at the top of the Header brought into play a
			'collapsing margins' issue where Firefox displayed a margin seemingly for
			no reason. This is behaviour that has been known about for years which
			rather suggests that Firefox must be obeying the CSS specs correctly even
			if it seems a bit counter-intuitive.
			* Fix 'collapsing margins' issue (style.css).
3.4.4	01/07/2014	Add an optional Navbar at very top of Header, along with two WP Menus.
			The top margin needs to be removed.
			* Two more Menu locations (functions.php).
			* Add Navbar and Menus (header.php).
			* Option for extra Navbar (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Remove top margin on first .navbar at top of page (style.css)
3.4.3	30/06/2014	Add some basic styling for the WordPress Menus so they do something 'out
			of the box'. Give the four instances the classes 'bhwpmenu' and 'navbar'
			and switch the existing unique classes to IDs.
			* Menu IDs and classes (header.php, footer.php).
			* Add some basic styling for wp_nav_menu instances (style.css).
3.4.2	27/06/2014	Support Navigation Menus before and after Navbar in Header and Footer (no
			CSS is provided for styling). Minor cosmetic tweak to Sidebar when 
			Breadcrumbs NavXT not used. Add 'Theme Options' link to WP Toolbar.
			* Register menus (functions.php).
			* Call menus if defined (header.php, footer.php).
			* Bring HTML inside conditional (sidebar.php).
			* Add Theme Options to Toobar (functions.php).
	25/06/2014	Tidy up theme folder structure. Improve specificity of tab links in case
			called from page. Only allow Slider, Tabs and Boxes to be called once per
			page (the Slider uses the ID of an image and the Tabs and Boxes are 
			sidebars). Allow Logos to be called more than once if required.
			* images/header (style.css).
			* images/footer (footer.php).
			* images/logos (style.css, logos.php).
			* images/slider (slider.php, slider-tabs.php).
			* images/favicon (header.php).
			* Specificity of tab links (style.css, tabs.php, slider-tabs.php).
			* Allow Slider once per page (slider.php, slider-tabs.php).
			* Allow Tabs once per page (tabs.php, slider-tabs.php).
			* Allow Boxes once per page (boxes.php).
			* Allow Logos more than once on page (style.css, logos.php).
	22/06/2014	Deal with any HTML or CSS validation errors that have sneaked in.
			* Alt tags on images (logos.php, slider.php, slider-tabs.php).
3.4.1	18/06/2014	Check functions defined in functions.php haven't already been defined to
			allow them to be overridden in functions.php in child theme. Remove check
			for register_sidebars as that is built-in to all supported versions of
			WordPress and it would be better to fail inelegantly to highlight this.
			* Check for defined functions (functions.php).
			* Remove check for WordPress built-ins (functions.php).
	16/06/2014	Tweak navbar module so it works when called more than once on a page.
			Add option to show the navbar in the footer.
			* Navbar may be called more than once (navbar.php, navbar-options.php).
			* Navbar in footer (footer.php, footer-options.php, eto-options.php).
3.4.0	15/06/2014	Using !important in the CSS shouldn't really be necessary so adjust CSS
			specificity to remove the need for them. Fix errors revealed by disabling
			a plugin that blocks debugging. Change fixed navbar button width to use
			percentages to avoid rounding errors when eight buttons used and zoomed
			out (uses box-sizing: border-box; which I've only just found out about).
			* Adjust CSS to remove !important (style.css).
			* Add class to navbar to allow the above (navbar.php).
			* Remove incorrect call to ETO (eto-options.php).
			* Percentage width for buttons on fixed width navbar (style.css).
	13/06/2014	As an alternative to having the Slider above the Tabs, they can be 
			displayed side by side using the Slider-Tabs module. If the WordPress
			toolbar is being displayed there is no need for the edit page/post links.			
			* Add Slider-Tabs module (slider-tabs.php).
			* Add CSS to style Slider-Tabs (style.css).
			* Use Slider-Tabs in Main Index (index-options.php, index.php).
			* Add option for ditto (index-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* No edit post/page link if using toolbar (page.php, post.php).
3.3.1	12/06/2014	It can be useful to have entries in the navbar that just act as titles
			rather than linking to pages. If 'Page Links To' or similar are used
			to change the permalink to '#' then those links can be styled so they
			don't appear to be links even if they are.			
			* Make changes to implement the above (style.css).
3.3.0	11/06/2014	Make the 'navbar' a separate module that is optionally called in the
			header. Change ids for the tab and box sidebars and tidy up some variable
			names. Widgets will need reloading after this but it does make the code
			easier to understand.
			* Have a navbar module (navbar-options.php, navbar.php).
			* Amend existing header code (header-options.php, header.php).
			* Navbar optional (header-options.php, header.php).
			* Margin on H1 to allow for navbar being optional (style.css).
			* Separate entry in ETO (eto-options.php).
			* Change ids for tabs and boxes (tabs.php, boxes.php, functions.php).
			* Tidy up names (tabs-options.php, tabs.php, eto-options.php, style.css).		
3.2.2	09/06/2014	Minor label typo in ETO. Change 'Main Index Featured Image' to 'Slider
			Image' (this will require slider images to be selected again).
			* Correct typo (eto-options.php).
			* Change taxonomy details (functions.php, slider-options.php).
3.2.1	08/06/2014	Add option for arrows on menu items with children. Change the word 'Main'
			to 'Box' on the default title of boxes to match new sidebar names.
			* Arrows on menu (style.css, header-options.php, header.php).
			* Option for arrows (header-options.php, header.php).
			* Remove word 'Main' from default titles (boxes-options.php).
3.2.0	07/06/2014	Make Slider, Tabs, Logos and Boxes code self-contained with separate tabs
			in ETO. Conditionally call each section from Main Index. As the Boxes 
			can now be called from any template only display latest posts if 
			is_home() is true. Add some CSS to handle [caption] nicely and tidy up.
			Rename boxes to remove the word 'Main' as it is no longer true.
			* Slider stuff (index.php, index-options.php, page.php, slider.php).
			* Tabs " (index.php, index-options.php, tabs.php, tabs-options.php).
			* Boxes " (index.php, index-options.php, boxes.php, boxes-options.php).
			* Logos " (index.php, index-options.php, logos.php, logos-options.php).
			* Only display latest posts in box if is_home() (boxes.php).
			* Tweak CSS to reflect above changes (style.css).
			* Separate tabs for Tabs, Logos and Boxes in ETO (eto-options.php).
			* Add CSS to handle [caption], and start a tidy up (style.css).
			* Remove 'Main' from box names (functions.php, eto-options.php).
3.1.1	05/06/2014	The custom image sizes were only available for the 'post thumbnails' but
			are now available in the media size chooser. Change name of ETO tab to
			'Main Index' (removing 'Template'). Check for favicon.png in child theme.
			* Add sizes to media chooser (functions.php).
			* Rename tab in ETO (eto-options.php).
			* Check for favicon location (header.php).
3.1.0	04/06/2014	Move links from index-options.php to links-options.php and load from
			functions.php. This allows the links to be available elsewhere.
			Move slider options from index-options.php to slider-options.php and load
			from index.php. This gives the potential for the slider to be used in
			other templates.
			Have new tabs in ETO Options to reflect the above changes.
			Modify page template to optionally use a slider when there aren't any
			sidebars and define a dummy template to use this capability.
			* Move links options (index-options.php, links-options.php).
			* Call links options globally (functions.php).
			* Move slider options (index-options.php, slider-options.php).
			* Call slider options in index (index.php).
			* New 'Links' and 'Slider' tab in ETO options (eto-options.php).
			* Allow for slide on page (functions-options.php, page.php).
			* New dummy template for 'Slider' (page-with-slider.php).
			* Code for new dummy template (functions.php).
3.0.0	04/06/2014	Defined templates that force the sidebar to the left or right or have no
			sidebars or two sidebars regardless of the global settings. These are 
			dummy templates because the code will detect them and replace them with
			page.php with the appropriate variables set. Amend global option to allow
			not having a sidebar or having two to be a default. Add new image sizes 
			'fullwidth' and 'narrow' and use on pages without a sidebar or with two.
			* Add a second sidebar (functions.php, sidebar2.php).
			* Amend page templates for sidebar-none/two (page.php, sandbox.php).
			* Ditto for posts and search (archives.php, search.php, single.php).
			* New dummy template for 'Sidebar on left' (sidebar-on-left.php).
			* New dummy template for 'Sidebar on right' (sidebar-on-right.php).
			* New dummy template for 'No sidebar' (sidebar-none.php).
			* New dummy template for 'Two sidebars' (sidebar-two.php).
			* Code to handle dummy templates (functions.php).
			* Amend global option (eto-options.php, function-options.php).
			* Add 'fullwidth' and 'narrow' image sizes (functions.php).
			* Use above if no/two sidebars (page.php, single.php).
2.3.0	03/06/2014	Suddenly realised that function-options.php should really have been
			functions-options.php for consistency in naming files, and indeed was
			called that in the documentation. The file has now been renamed. There
			was also an extra 1px border on drop down menus that wasn't meant to be
			there. Change #entry to .entry in single.php and remove top margin on
			first paragraph or heading in .entry. Style this file with slightly
			smaller text.
			* Correct the filename (functions.php, functions-options.php).
			* Remove stray 1px border on menu (style.css).
			* Change #entry to .entry in single post page (single.php).
			* CSS tweak for posts/pages (style.css).
2.2.2	02/06/2014	WordPress 3.9 included an upgraded TinyMCE editor and that broke the code
			to set the default colours for the editor. This has been fixed.
			* Update code to set editor colours (functions.php).
2.2.1	02/06/2014	If caching is used then the cookie to select the sidebar position is not
			only unlikely to work but it might be harmful because it will control the
			position of the sidebar in the cached file. So have an option to ignore
			the cookie. This will also disable the selector on the sidebar. The 
			selector is already optional but this allows for the possibility of stray
			* Global option for cookie (function-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Override display of position selector (sidebar-options.php).
2.2.0	01/06/2014	Extra options to exclude pages from the menu when a user is
			logged in or logged out. Allow for variable width menu bar.
			* Code for page exclusions based on login status (header-options.php).
			* Options for the page exclusions (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Code a variable width menu (header-options.php, header.php, style.css).
			* Options for variable width menu (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
2.1.1	31/05/2014	The cookies message might as well have an optional background colour.
			* Colour for cookies message (footer-options.php, footer.php, style.css).
			* Options for background colour (footer-options.php, eto-options.php).
2.1.0	30/05/2014	The WordPress comment template is using HTML 5 tags so as there are still
			IE8 users out there the 'html5shim' script has been added. The theme will
			also use the HTML 5 for captions and galleries which was added in WP 3.9.
			* Add html5shim version 3.7.2 to scripts folder.
			* Add the script to the header (functions.php).
			* Add additional HTML 5 theme support (functions.php).
			* Add CSS to support HTML 5 galleries (style.css).
	29/05/2014	The Main Index Template should arguably be able to display the latest
			list of posts as that is the default behaviour of a WordPress
			'front page'. It now does it by default in the top left box but it is
			optional. This also makes it a more sensible default template.
			The theme ought to support comments too. 
			* Add code to display the latest posts in a box (index.php).
			* Add options to choose box (index-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Add comments on single posts (single.php, style.css).
			* Option to show/hide comments (function-options.php, eto-options.php).
	27/05/2014	Allow a choice of logo colours.
			* Upload additional logos.
			* Add option for logo colour (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Add CSS for logo colours (style.css).
			* Add logo colour to code (header.php).
	26/05/2014	Make the depth of the menu an option.
			* Add option for depth of menu (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
2.0.0	26/05/2014	The main page navigation bar now supports three levels of menu (it could
			support more but there comes a point where you start running out of space
			for the menus).
			* Change CSS to handle multi-level menus (style.css).
			* Change wp_list_pages depth to 3 (header-options.php).
			* Add grandchild backgrounds to wp_list_pages (header-options.php).
			* Grandchild background options (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Add CSS for grandchild backgrounds (style.css).
1.9.1	26/05/2014	The page navigation menu can be further customised by specifying the
			background colours for child items in the menu separately.
			* Add child backgrounds to wp_list_pages output (header-options.php).
			* Child background colour options (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Add CSS for child backgrounds (style.css).
1.9.0	25/05/2014	The changelog has been tidied up a little and made a little more
			descriptive to save repeating information in the documentation. The page 
			zoom issue addressed in 1.5.2 has been revisited and a more satisfactory
			solution implemented. The background colour for the menu items is now
			an option and the default colours when using Easy Theme Options are now
			the same as the .php files.
			* Tidy up changelog (changelog.php).
			* Wrap extra div around each box (index.php).
			* Tweak CSS for new div and boxes to avoid rounding issues (style.css).
			* Move wp_loginout to the options file (header-options.php, header.php).
			* Add background colour classes to Home and Shop links (header.php).
			* Ditto to wp_list_pages and wp_loginout output (header-options.php).
			* Menu background colour options (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Add default colour options to Easy Theme Options (eto-options.php).
1.8.1	24/05/2014	The theme screenshot.png needed updating.
			* Update screenshot.png.
 	23/05/2014	Further reduction of the code used to display boxes.
			* Loop inside a loop instead of two loops in index.php.
 	22/05/2014	The code to display the boxes on the index page has been reduced by using
			loops and the logged in/out stuff can now go in any box. The boxes are now
			all the same size and each row of boxes can be hidden.
			* Change from show/hide to box ids in eto-options.php.
			* Change from show/hide to box ids in index-options.php.
			* Use loops to display boxes in index.php.
			* Use function for logged in/out stuff in index.php.
			* Fix default names of boxes in index-options.php.
			* Make all boxes the same size in style.css.
			* Add options to show/hide rows of boxes in eto-options.php.
			* Add options to show/hide rows of boxes in index-option.php.
			* Add code to show/hide rows of boxes in index.php.
			* Tweak css to allow for hiding rows of boxes in style.css.
  1.8.0	18/05/2014	The featured tabs can now link to posts/pages by ids and the code has
			been reduced by using a loop. This revealed a bug where the IDs of 
			the sidebars were wrong in the template. Add 'news' link has also been 
			added which defaultd to a 'news' category.
			* Add option to specify post/page ids for tabs in eto-options.php.
			* Add option to specify post/page ids for tabs in index-options.php.
			* Determine appropriate tab text and link in index-options.php.
			* Change code to use appropriate text and link in index.php.
			* Use a loop to display the featured tabs.
			* Correct ids of tab sidebars in index.php.
			* Add 'News' in functions.php.
			* Add 'News' in eto-options.php.
			* Add 'News' in index-options.php.
  1.7.3	10/05/2014	The site links can now handle external URLs, and a couple of extra
			general purpose links have been added.
			* Leave links beginning with http:// or https:// untouched.
			* Add 'Group Link 4' and 'Group Link 5' in functions.php.
			* Add 'Group Link 4' and 'Group Link 5' in eto-options.php.
			* Add 'Group Link 4' and 'Group Link 5' in index-options.php.
  1.7.2	17/04/2014	Coloured backgrounds violated the exclusion zone around the TSA logo and
			so the logo needed moving slightly.		
			* Tweak CSS of header to shift logo slightly to the right.
	18/04/2014	The background illustration to the section logos violates their exclusion
			zones and so has been made optional for those who want to be correct or
			who just think it is an improvement. The Easy Theme Options code has been
			reduced and improved by using an array to define the section links. Some 
			inherited incorrect code in the search results has been removed.
			* Add option to control display of brand illustration.
			* Define an array for section links (eto-options.php).
			* Strip out incorrect and redundant link in search results meta data.
  1.7.1	14/04/2014	The Login/Logout button on the main menu has been made optional.
			* Add option to control display of Login/Logout in main menu.
  1.7.0	14/04/2014	The background changes made in 1.6.5 have been reversed and colour 
			options have been added instead. The Easy Theme Options code has been 
			reduced and improved by using arrays. This means the default colour 
			choice is now always purple when using Easy Theme Options. There has
			also been some other code reduction.
			* Revert navbar, footer and sidebar menu background colour.
			* Add navbar and footer background colour options. 
			* Clean up eto-options.php by reusing arrays.
			* Tabs reuse generic background classes instead of having own.
			* Function for updating via Easy Theme Options (function-options.php).
  1.6.5	13/04/2014	The logo and group name may now be overridden. The lighter Scout Grey
			defined by the 2nd Edition Brand Guidelines has been added (in addition
			to the previous darker colour which is rather useful) and used where the
			dark grey was being used.
			* Added 'logo.php' to override div#logo (header.php).
			* Change Scout Grey / scoutgrey to Scout Grey (Dark) / scoutgrey1.
			* Define Scout Grey (Light) / scoutgrey2 (style.css).
			* Navbar, footer and sidebar menu backgrounds use the lighter Scout Grey.
  1.6.4	12/04/2014	The CEOP image link has been made optional.
			* CEOP image option (footer-options.php, footer.php, eto-options.php).
  1.6.3	10/04/2014	A page background colour has been added (this doesn't affect the full
			width banner code) and the CSS for h3 tweaked. The height100 image size 
			had the incorrect height defined and has been corrected.
			* Define CSS classes for eight background colours (style.css).
			* Wrap div#bhpagecontent around content (header.php, footer.php).
			* Change header and footer margins to allow for new div (style.css).
			* Background colour option (function-options.php, eto-options.php).
			* Give h3 in page content some more breathing space (style.css).
			* Correct the definition of height100 image size (functions.php).
  1.6.2	06/04/2014	Tweaks have been made to the single.php and archive.php templates, in
			particular to allow the use of a featured image and link on posts as well
			as pages.
			* Display featured image and link for posts as per pages.
			* Change position and styling of meta data.
			* Add author avatar.
			* Add post authors to archive.php.
			* Margin at bottom of posts in archive.php.
  1.6.1	06/04/2014	Child themes are now supported.
			* Use get_template_directory where files will be in parent theme.
			* Tweak footer to credit the parent theme.
  1.6.0	05/04/2014	The display of featured tabs and section logos on home page is now
			optional and an optional Explorer logo can be displayed alongside 
			the other three.
			* Flags to control display of tabs and section logos on index page.
			* Remove redundant height of div for featured image and tabs in css.
			* Add Explorer logo and allow for it in theme.
  1.5.2	30/03/2014	At attempt has been made to prevent the boxes on the index page wrapping 
			when zooming out in Firefox and Chrome at expense of a two pixel 
			imperfection. It still happens but only when zoomed out a lot more.
			* Reduce margins on the six boxes on index page in style.css.
  1.5.1	29/03/2014	Both exclude and exclude_tree options are now used in the navbar, ready
			for when wp_list_pages() bugs in WordPress are fixed.
			* Extra option for exclude_tree in header-options.php.
  1.5.0	24/03/2014	A link has been added to Featured Images on pages, the CSS corrected for 
			H3 link, new image sizes added, and a CSS tweak made for galleries.
			* Add link for Featured Image using custom field.
			* Links in H3 should be in bold as H3 is in bold.
			* Add 'height60' and 'height100' image sizes.
			* Change the default styling of the gallery.
  1.4.4	20/03/2014	Access to added media taxonomies is now limitedto editors and above and
			a shortcode has been to show first party cookies for diagnostic purposes.
			* Require manage_categories capability to use added taxonomies.
			* Add shortcode [bhcookies] to show table of 1st party cookies.
  1.4.3	18/03/2014	Extra URLs have been added for Explorers, Network etc.
			* Add entries to taxonomy in functions.php.
			* Add entries to array in index-options.php.
			* Add entries in multiple places in eto-options.php.
  1.4.2	17/03/2014	A global script has been created for the theme to make the template files
			easier to read and maintain.
			* Create scripts/beverleyhall.js and enqueue it (functions.php).
			* Use global script in sidebar (sidebar.php).
			* Use global script in index (index-options.php, index.php).
  1.4.1	16/03/2014	Options have been added to use custom code in the header and footer to
			support things like Google Analytics. The inherited generator meta tag
			in the header has been removed as WordPress supplies it anyway. Logins
			and logouts will now return to the page that called them instead of
			dumping the user in the WordPress admin menu or anywhere else that
			might be unexpected to a user not familiar with WordPress.
			* Custom header code (header-options.php, header.php, eto-options.php).
			* Custom footer code (footer-options.php, footer.php, eto-options.php).
			* Removed generator in header as WordPress supplies it anyway.
			* Logins and logout return to calling page.
  1.4.0	13/03/2014	The contents of the featured tabs are now configurable.
			* Configurable featured tabs (index-options.php, index.php).
			* Options to configure tabs (index-options.php, eto-options.pjp).
  1.3.4	12/03/2014	The HTML head section has been cleaned up and a new favicon added. The
			recommended function calls for various things have been added where they
			are available but were not being used. 
			* Remove pingback and all feeds apart from RSS 2.0.
			* New favicon in PNG format.
			* Use recommended function calls where available.
  1.3.3	10/03/2014	A couple of typos were corrected.
			* A couple of templates had h1 closed by h2.
  1.3.2	08/03/2014	The editor now promotes the Scout Colours and some CSS classes were added
			so they can be used more easily. The bugs in wp_list_pages() have been
			noted in the code.
			* Theme tweaks editor to offer the eight Scout colours plus white.
			* Added colour classes for spans.
			* Noted menu exclusions are exploiting a bug in wp_list_pages().
  1.3.1	07/03/2014	A few fixes have been made to inherited CSS.
			* Replaced a few instances of 'min-height' with 'height'.
  1.3.0	07/03/2014	Some changes have been made to the login stuff in Main Top 3.
			* Make it optional and independent of widget (see below).
			* Optional text for when logged in (see below).
			* Optional text for when logged out (see below).
			* Three files edited (index-options.php, index.php, eto-options.php).
  1.2.1	06/03/2014	There is now more flexibility with the Shop link.
			* Make the Shop button option (header-options.php, header.php).
			* Override the Shop URL (header-options.php, eto-options.php).
  1.2.0	05/03/2014	Improved 404 handling, disabled wptexturize and added sample a CSS to 
			support the Google Calendar Events plugin.
			* Added 404-options.php.
			* Add options for an image and HTML for the 404 page (404-options.php).
			* Add options for an image and HTML for the 404 page (eto-options.php).
			* Turn off wptexturize as it gets smart quotes wrong (functions.php).
			* Sample CSS for Google Calendar Events (gce.css).
  1.1.0	04/03/2014	Improved footer configurability and added changelog.php.
			* Added changelog.php.
			* Rearranged the default entries in the footer menu (footer-options.php).
			* Added options for entries in the footer menu (footer-options.php).
  1.0.1	03/03/2014	Made a minor tweak to CSS.
			* Added a sensible default for description list to style.css.
  1.0.0	03/03/2014	The initial public release.