This documentation site is currently being updated to use version 6.0.0 as its base. It should be mostly the Configuration pages that have older images and text that menitions older versions. It is recognised that the images on the front page are a bit pathetic.

The Header, Slider, Tabs and Panes

The Header of this page is showing a custom logo rather than the default TSA corporate logo. The menu above the logo is an instance of a WordPress Navigation Menu. The main menu is the theme’s built in highly configurable Navbar. It defaults to having a Login/Log out entry but that has been disabled on this site.

The images are being shown by the Slider. Below the Slider are the Tabs. Either or both of the Slider and Tabs can be disabled,or they can be displayed side by side.

This text is in a Pane. Three groups of three (three before 6.1.1) are enabled by default on the front page so you are aware they are there, but they can be independently disabled. This text has been entered by using the Text widget that comes with WordPress .

The Logos and the Boxes

This text is in the optional second Pane. If you disable it you will find the three Logos line up nicely with the top row of Boxes and the colours match by default. Both Logos and Boxes are optional.

Showing the latest posts

WordPress defaults to making the latest posts available to the Front Page. By default the theme will show the headings of these posts in 'Box Top 1' as shown on the left. You can choose to have them appear in another box or simply disable the behaviour.

The Boxes

Each row of Boxes can be independently disabled. The Boxes have a fixed size and they will crop their contents so they will look tidy whatever you put in them.

Box Middle 1

Box Middle 2

Box Middle 3

Box Bottom 1

Box Bottom 2

Box Bottom 3

The Footer

This is the third of the optional Panes called by default on the Front Page and it sits just above the Footer. On this site you will notice that a second instance of the Navbar has been enabled.

The Footer has a CEOP logo and link enabled by default (not shown below). The links for the footer menu items shown are fully configurable but adjusting the contents of the menus still needs an edit of an options file in the theme code at the time of writing.