44 Recce > Insignia

Reconnaissance Corps cap badge.
The Corps badge incorporated a spear flanked by two bolts of lightning with a scroll reading 'Reconnaissance Corps'. The basic design, without the scroll, was the work of Trooper George Jones of 56 Recce. Other ranks had a yellow metal badge, officers had a bi-metal design.
Reconnaissance shoulder title.
The first shoulder title said 'Reconnaissance Corps' and was introduced in June 1942 but only lasted a couple of months as shoulder titles were withdrawn on security grounds. The shoulder title with 'Reconnaissance' in yellow on green was introduced in July 1943.
44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division formation badge.
44 Recce was attached to 44th Division from 8th January 1941 till 24th November 1942, with temporary attachments to 7th Armoured Division in the build up to the second El Alamein. The regiment used the red oval as a backing to their cap badge when transferred to 56th Division.
56th (London) Infantry Division formation badge.
44 Recce were attached to 56th Division from 8th March 1943 until 31st August 1945, with the exception of a period in the first half of 1944 when the 56th went to Anzio. The badge represents Dick Whittington's cat.
Reconnaissance Corps arm of service strip.
The Reconnaissance Corps arm of service strip was green and yellow. Green was worn to the fore and represents intelligence. Yellow represents cavalry.
Divisional Reconnaissance Regiment vehicle marking.