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Sadly this is unlikely to become significant section of the site as there just don't seem to be many photos of 44 Recce in general circulation.

Officers of the 44th Reconnaissance Regiment R.A.C. 1st November 1945.

Back row (left to right): Lt. Dawbarn. Lt. Benson, Lt. Howell, Lt. Ellison, Capt. Seribana-Rossi (Italian L.O.), Lt. McDougall, Lt. Tysse, Lt. Brown, Lt. Bennett, Lt. Lake, RQMS Walker.
Front row: Capt. Martin, Capt. Oldland, Major Hammond, Capt Hill, Lt.-Col. Longley, Major Latham, Major Mitchell, Capt. (QM) Broad, Capt. Langston.

Not present owing to LIAP: Major Lane, Capt. Chesher, Capt. Clark.

This photo is dated 1st November 1945 when the regiment would have been in the Trieste area and was being wound down prior to being disbanded. There seems to be one name missing from the back row.

Major B. D. N. Blaber, M.C.

Shouting conflicting orders in German, Captain (now Major), Blaber, the 44th Regiment, led his men in hand-to-hand fighting which beat off a heavy counter attack in Italy on 21st January, '44. Two days before he had led an attack to regain a vital position, personally killing a number of the enemy.

This photo shows Major Bernard Bernard Denys Noel Blaber M.C., who was apparently known as 'Ted' and ended up leading C Squadron (as evidenced by the Recce Journal). At the time of his being put forward for the award of the Military Cross in May 1944 his war substantive rank was Lieutenant but he was a Temporary Captain and Acting Major. He was awarded the Efficiency Medal (Territorial) in 1949 where he was named as Captain Blaber but was an Honorary Major. On 21st January 1944 the regiment was at the San Salvatito feature, having crossed the Garigliano.