Extracts from The Reconnaissance Journal Vol. 2 No. 2 July – September 1945.

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Reconnaissance Journal Vol. 2 No. 2 p77

Passing of a Veteran Regiment

44 RECCE Regi. has remained in the Trieste area, and except for a brief period on the Morgan Line, has not left its former billets. With Release, L.I.A.P., Python, etc., all coming round, a great deal of hard work has devolved on those in barracks, but this has been cheerfully carried out.

We have said farewell to, amongst others, Major Blaber, Captain Milburn, Lt. Richardson, Lt. Dawbarn, RQMS. Harwood, MQMS Lloyd-Davies, SSM's Brooks, Beavers, Cussens, Perryman, Harman, and SQMS's. Duggan and Potter, all on Python or Release. RSM. Lowder has gone to take a QM commission.

And so we cme to the big farewell. We are to be disbanded by the end of the year. Already large drafts have been sent to 1st Derbyshire Yeomanry and 4th Hussars and another is waiting to go to R.A.C.T.D.; in a week's time we shall be only just over six officers and less than two hundred other ranks strong.

The G.O.C. made many complimentary remarks in his farewell address, which was followed by a march past, and now after a grand farewell lunch, disbandment is taling place in real earnest.

After five years existence, in which we have seen action at El Alamein, Enfidaville, Salerno, Naples Plain, Cassino, the Gothic Line, and on numerous rivers up to and over the Po, we are dropping quietly out of the picture. lt only remains to say goodbye to other Regiments of the Corps, and particularly to past members of this Regiment now serving elsewhere.