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The Reconnaissance Journal was the official publication of the Comrades' Association. The first edition was dated June – August 1944 with the last edition apparently being the Memorial issue in 1950.

Over on WW2Talk, user 'Tony56' has kindly uploaded scans of all the issues up to Volume 4, No. 1 plus the Memorial issue. Volume 1 No. 2 is unfortunately missing. These issues have been trawled for mentions of 44 Recce and extracts have been transcribed for this website. 

The transcripts are intended to accurately represent the original source so there will be typographic and grammatical errors. However where words were hyphenated at line endings the hyphens have been removed in the transcription and the text allowed to flow freely.

In the earliest issues the reports from the regiments could not identify the particular regiment and it is necessary to pick up clues from the article. There do not seem to be any from 44 Recce who might perhaps have appeared in the missing issue. In later editions, after VE Day, the Regiments can be freely identified.

The issues are being processed in date order with Volume 3 No. 4 being the last to be completed so far.

Volume 1 No. 4 April – June 1945
'Victory Number'
Pages 173 and 174.
A report from 44 Recce dated May 1945. This report is quoted in part in 'Only The Enemy In Front'.
Volume 2 No. 1 July – September 1945
'Occupation Number'
Pages 20 and 21.
A report from 44 Recce in the Trieste area.
Volume 2 No. 2 October – December 1945
Page 77.
A final report from 44 Recce in the Trieste area as they were waiting to be disbanded.
Volume 2 No. 3 January – March 1946
Pages 114 and 115.
The photo of the officers of the regiment appears in this edition of the magazine.
Volume 3 No. 1 July – September 1946
Pages 27 and 44.
A couple of brief mentions of 44 Recce.
Volume 3 No. 3 Spring 1947
Pages 120 to 127.
The first part of a history of 44 Recce.
Volume 3 No. 4 Summer 1947
Pages 165 to 172.
The second part of a history of 44 Recce.