Extracts from The Reconnaissance Journal Vol. 3 No. 1 July – September 1946.

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Reconnaissance Journal Vol. 3 No. 1 p27

Lt. Col. H. H. Merriman D.S.O., M.C., T.D. (extract)

Then came the formation of the 44th Divisional Reconnaissance Battalion, and he was an obvious choice to command the company selected from 131 Brigade. He brought with him some of his men from 1/5 Queens, and by dint of rigorous sorting and training soon made A Squadron quite the best squadron in the regiment. In August, 1941, he became second in command of the 44th Regiment, and remained in that appointment, not always an easy one to fill, till the end of the year. Then came a bad blow both to the regiment and to him. He became seriously ill and at one time things looked black. However, the 44th Regiment’s loss was the 3rd Regiment’s gain. He soon recovered, and after a brief stay at the O.C.T.U., he was posted as second in command of the 3rd Regiment in May, 1942, and with the 3rd Regiment (originally 8th battalion R.N.F., and one of the first units to be converted into a Recce regiment) he remained for the rest of his service.

Reconnaissance Journal Vol. 3 No. 1 p44

Still Bashing On (extract)

"You may like to know that D Squadron of this mob is mainly composed of ex-1st Recce and 44th Recce," writes Trooper R. Parker,now with the 1st Derbyshire Yeomanry in the Middle East.