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Welcome to my discography of Rick Wakeman's solo works. Let's get the bad news out of the way first. This discography was neglected a little in 2005 and it is possible that in delaying updates I overlooked some information that I would have hoped to have included. The same is probably true of 2009 and is certainly true of 2014. Indeed 2014 is a bit of a nightmare with product being reissued left right and centre without warning and I haven't tried to keep up. Hopefully I've otherwise been a little more on the ball although I freely admit to having lost track of the Japanese reissues of the first eight A&M releases and having made no attempt to monitor the situation with downloads as they don't interest me at all. Let me know if you think I've missed anything.

I am aware that a few tweaks are needed here and there. I do hope to eventually work through the entries and tidy things up but it is a long process and my enthusiasm for the job is not what it was I'm afraid.

Provided you have JavaScript enabled you will see a list of the latest significant additions and amendments to this page below this paragraph. This is taken from the page's associated RSS feed.

I started work on this discography back in 1996 or 1997 at a time when there were no other really comprehensive ones around and it became available via the domain name in 2000. It developed from a discography found in the brochure for The 'Wots On TV Tonite' Tour and has been added to from personal experience and research, the RWCC newsletter and web site, and from members of the excellent mailing list.

The official RWCC site includes a discography that I only became aware of some time after I started on this one but that isn't comprehensive by any means and there are several others out there. I have always tried to put my own spin on things and not completely reinvent the wheel. If you want the track listings, credits, big pictures of the cover art, neat lists of the different catalogue numbers and so on then this discography is not for you. However if you simply want to know what is out there then you are in the right place.

The aim of this discography is to give a comprehensive list of all the albums, music videos, music DVDs and 'original' singles that have been released featuring Rick as a solo artist rather than as a band member. Here I use 'original' singles to mean those that are not taken from albums (I know the single edits may be different but I still exclude them here). The viewpoint is that of a UK based fan which means NTSC videos and DVDs may be overlooked or glossed over if there is a PAL version, and there may be some foreign releases that just don't become available here as a rule.

The discography entries are ordered on the approximate date of the first release anywhere and all the releases with identical content are dealt with in the one entry (you may find in some cases I've been a bit lazy and not created new entries when there are releases with bonus material but I do intend to correct that eventually). This means that from the title line you can instantly see if the same product has been released under different names. The drawback of course is if you only know one of the later names you have to search the page for it.

After the title line there is some discussion of the various releases of the product and any variations in cover art and this includes catalogue number information in many cases. If there are foreign releases with the same cover art as freely available UK versions I may gloss over them or even ignore them. I used to follow this information with a listing of the in print versions of the album. However this information was becoming increasing inaccurate so in July 2006 I adopted the policy of only showing links to available product on Amazon UK (meaning Amazon UK itself and not its 'sellers') and moving any other catalogue information into the main text and as in August 2013 removed the label information entirely as it wasn't being maintained. I have adopted a policy of adding dates to indicate when an entry was last reviewed (even after a few years some entries may not have been checked and dated).

With each entry I illustrate the cover that I consider is most closely associated with the product in the UK (or was at the time I gave the entry much thought). Other versions are batched together throughout the discography.

I used to have a rating on the albums but I've removed these too.

I have had some very useful contributions to this discography from Rick Wakeman fans worldwide. I would particularly like to mention three people. Ray Riethmeier corrected a complete mistake and made multitude of other useful comments. Wesley Miller helped out with a number of the variations of the cover art and titles. Paul Chandler has somewhat taken over from Wesley and between us we seem to do quite well in detecting new releases and reissues. I only list the product, more often than not, he buys it!

Some notes on record labels

Ambient Records was Rick's own record company and he formed a sister company called Ambient Music to release product on the Badger Records label outside the usual retail channel. That is why you see different format catalogue numbers (AIOM– or A-IOM– for the former, AMB– for the latter) and why I hedge my bets and say Ambient/Badger on some entries. Following financial problems the Ambient company was licensed to Rio Digital so you see some reissues and some new stuff originating on that label.  Rio Digital and West Coast appear to have been the same company (or at least they shared an address). Rio Digital in turn quickly licensed the product to President Records who fortunately seemed to be a more robust company financially and generally kept all the product available as well as commissioning and/or releasing many other releases. Having said that, on reviewing the entries in this discography in August 2006 I found a number of the President releases were not available from Amazon UK though there was evidence of some reissues due for later in the year. Reviewing this paragraph in October 2013 I note that President would still seem to have pretty much everything still available (or at least listed on their website).

In more recent years Rick formed Music Fusion for mainstream releases and Hope Records for his Christian output. Hope Records had financial problems and was absorbed into Music Fusion so you can see Hope catalogue numbers on the Music Fusion label. Hope then seemed to be independent again in the Voiceprint group with product being rereleased in April/May 2001 though some was marked as not being for sale in the UK (though it got listed anyway) which presumably indicated existing distribution deals. Voiceprint product appeared under the United States Of Dist name in the USA. Music Fusion product was distributed by Pinnacle and then switched to Classic Pictures and both those names appeared in listings confused with the label. Distribution switched away again, possibly back to Pinnacle, and perhaps even again after that. In 2006 Music Fusion product started appearing under the Voiceprint umbrella and for convenience I may refer to this as Music Fusion/Voiceprint to differentiate releases from earlier ones.  All this change is often a good thing as it is normally a cue for rereleased product, often with improved cover art. Voiceprint release dates always had a tendency to slip by a week or several so some of the dates quoted may not correspond with the actual release dates.

A number of Music Fusion titles were listed for release on The Store For Music label in 2002 (ALMOST LIVE IN EUROPE was released previously on the same label using the Music Fusion artwork). They were originally listed by Amazon as 4th February, which is why I mentioned them in the discography, but the release date drifted all year and the product never appeared. So it is possibile I may still be mentioning catalogue numbers for product that has never existed and never will. The Store For Music, which seemed to fall under the Voiceprint umbrella at one stage, sub-licenced product internationally which might explain the albums becoming available on the Master Music label in 2002. Master Music are also behind the Gemini and Trilogie labels.

A&M is a well known name of course but was taken over by the equally well known Polydor which is how a couple of the UK originated A&M compilations came to be released on Polydor. Polydor was taken over by Seagram and is now part of the Universal group so you will see the Universal name cropping up. Having said that, the A&M label name seemed to start appearing in Amazon listings again, particularly on import items.

As for Classic Rock Legends, champions of flogging the same product in several different ways at high end prices and of being vague about titles for any of them, it seems officially Classic Rock Productions was the distribution operation for Classic Rock Legends Ltd, who also released a series of DVDs called 'Classic Rock Legends' and have used Legend Records as their name on CDs. So that makes the label information wonderfully inconsistent between releases and listings. They were also behind Ragna Rock. All the websites seemed to disappear leaving Classic Rock Direct as something possibly related but that has also gone.

Classic Pictures released several DVDs and DVD+CD sets. The first products were released using the name The DVD Company. They moved on to emphasising the Classic Media Group name and using various names such as Classic Pictures Holdings, Classic T Stage, Classic Screen T and Classic Studio T for various purposes. The Amazon UK listings for several of the Classic Pictures products once had dates suggesting reissues with Warner Music Vision as the label. The Studio T digital download site was operated by Pinnacle Digital and the Amazon UK listing for AMAZING GRACE actually named the studio as Pinnacle Vision. I am speculating that the studio/label and the distributors got rather confused in some listings. Reviewing this paragraph in October 2013 it would appear that Rock On Digital is now doing the direct sales of the old music product and The Classic Post is related, but the old company names and websites no longer seem be used.

The holding company for Voiceprint, Zeit Distribution (a name that sometimes crept into listings), went into liquidation in September 2010. Rob Ayling formed a new company Gonzo Multimedia that has taken over the Voiceprint name and stock. As of October 2013 the Voiceprint website is now redirecting to Floating World Records.


This was actually by the John Schroeder Orchestra and Rick rightly doesn't regard it as one of his own albums. It is a "Top Of The Pops" type of thing with Rick, an orchestra/band and vocalists. Rick says that the album was going to give a lead vocalist more prominence and that he was merely a session piano player but he became quite well known at the time and they decided to mix the piano more up front and put his name on the sleeve to exploit this. Several tracks do sound like a backing track to a non-existent lead vocalist. Voiceprint released PIANO VIBRATIONS on CD (Voiceprint VP249CD) in late March 2003 (Amazon actually list 7th April) with a nice reworking of the cover (the website showed a different one and this is also used by Amazon even though it is not correct).
Voiceprint VP249CD
[Entry reviewed 24/7/2006]


The CD of this album has been freely and continuously available for a number of years, occasionally drifting into "mid-price" promotions, and since 2001 Amazon UK have been listing it as an import. It was one of the 3 ORIGINAL CDS set. Four tracks appear on VOYAGE, 2 on MASTER SERIES and 3 on RECOLLECTIONS which covers all bar Anne Of Cleves. The additional cover shown later, slightly cropped, is alleged to be an official Spanish only vinyl release though I would welcome confirmation of this. In 2003 this album became available from Japan in mini-LP card sleeves as UICY-9261. That was a limited edition release but another limited edition reissue was being listed for 27th September 2006. Reviewing this entry for the fist time in three years or so I can but add that limited edition releases of this album in Japan seem to keep cropping up and I've lost track of them.
[Entry reviewed 29/9/2009]


The CD of this album has been freely and continuously available for a number of years, occasionally drifting into mid-price promotions and even onto budget labels (my copy is Spectrum Music 550 0612), and again has been listed by Amazon UK as an import since 2001. There always seem to be various US or Japanese versions around including special gold disc versions. It was one of the 3 ORIGINAL CDS set, and is featured in its entirety on VOYAGE. Watch out for a number of other CD and DVD releases with identical or near identical names as it would be easy to confuse them in internet shops. In 2003 this album became available from Japan in mini-LP card sleeves as UICY-9262 and there was another limited edition reissue on 27th September 2006. Limited edition releases of this album in Japan seem to have cropped up from time to time since then and I've lost track of them. The album was completely re-recorded in the studio with additional material in 2012.
[Entry reviewed 18/12/2012]


Again the CD is freely available, again since 2001 Amazon UK have listed it as an import (though in 2006 it seems to be a stock item again), and again it is part of a the 3 ORIGINAL CDS set. Three tracks are featured on VOYAGE, two on MASTER SERIES and two on RECOLLECTIONS but there are only four different ones. My copy of the CD was produced without any printing on the CD itself which was a little unfortunate. In 2003 this album has become available from Japan in mini-LP card sleeves as UICY-9263. This is being reissued for another limited edition run on 27th September 2006. Reviewing this entry for the fist time in three years or so I can but add that limited edition releases of this album in Japan seem to keep cropping up and I've lost track of them.
[Entry reviewed 29/9/2009]
Soundtrack album. There was a CD release in Japan as A&M D32Y3550 but apart from there are the three tracks that appear on VOYAGE (two seem to have been combined under the same name). It is pushing it a bit to treat this as a solo album as Rick isn't prominent on much of the stuff. It seems that Rick's masters were rejected and then a different soundtrack album was released with Rick's name prominent on it that didn't really feature him much at all. In 2002 a CD called THE REAL LISZTOMANIA was released as part of the TREASURE CHEST boxed set (released individually in 2003) and it is derived from the masters Rick originally prepared. In September 2003 the original received another CD release as the limited edition Japanese "mini-LP" (UICY-9294) and this receives a limited edition reissue on 27th September 2006. Reviewing this entry for the fist time in three years or so I can but add that limited edition releases of this album in Japan seem to keep cropping up and I've lost track of them.
[Entry reviewed 29/9/2009]


Sorry I don't have the skill to make this look really good!NO EARTHLY CONNECTION
This is the only studio album before 2002 to be credited to "Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble" on the cover. One track appears on VOYAGE and one on RECOLLECTIONS. The original 12" album packaging included a piece of silver foil which you were supposed to roll up and stand over the centre of the front or back cover. If you then looked into it you would see the distorted pictures of Rick brought back into proportion. I think there might have been a tiny graphic indicating this on the corner of the inner sleeve. The album finally received a CD release as a "mini-LP" from Universal Japan in September 2003 (UICY-9295). This was being reissued for another limited edition run on 27th September 2006 and since then there may have been more releases but I've lost track of them. The CD is being released to the US market on Real Gone Music on 29th January 2012 and that will be available on import in the UK.
[Entry reviewed 18/12/2012]


This album is based on the soundtrack to the film of the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Olympics. A tour brochure discography implies an individual release on CD in 1988 as A&M CDA 4614 at the same time as the first three albums but I only ever saw it bundled with those albums in the limited edition 20th Anniversary boxed set in early 1989. It would make sense that it had been released but I haven't heard of anyone actually possessing it. I remember someone did suggest it was a limited edition of 1,000 but they may have been confusing it with the boxed set. Four tracks are on VOYAGE, two on MASTER SERIES and two on RECOLLECTIONS. The album received a CD release as a "mini-LP" from Universal Japan in September 2003 (UICY-9296) and this receives a limited edition reissue on 27th September 2006. Reviewing this entry for the fist time in three years or so I can but add that limited edition releases of this album in Japan seem to keep cropping up and I've lost track of them.
[Entry reviewed 29/9/2009]
This was only ever available on CD in Japan as A&M D32Y3127. Four of the six tracks are available on the compilations. The cover has been available with both white and red lettering. The album had a limited edition CD release as a "mini-LP" from Universal Japan in September 2003 (UICY-9301). In August 2004 another limited edition release, which sounds like it again might be in a "mini-LP" format, appeared from Hip-O Select in the USA. The Japanese version received another limited edition reissue on 27th September 2006. Amazon UK are listing a release on Hip-O Select from12th February 2008.Reviewing this entry for the fist time in a year or so I can but add that limited edition releases of this album in Japan seem to keep cropping up and I've lost track of them.
[Entry reviewed 29/9/2009]


Double album. There was a Japanese CD release as A&M D50Y3128 but I don't think it was imported to the UK. It seems it was a two CD set actually which seems unnecessary as it fits comfortably on a single CD. Two tracks are on VOYAGE, 2 on MASTER SERIES and 1 on RECOLLECTIONS. I understand the track Credits was not on all international releases of the vinyl version. During 2005 I noticed that there appeared to be a single CD release appearing on certain internet sites (such as but I don't really know anything about this. It might indicate a final 'mini-LP' from Universal Japan perhaps, though to be faithful to the original that should have two CDs, but equally it could be nothing at all. Reviewing this entry for the fist time in three years or so I can add that a limited edition 'mini-LP' release of this album seems to have finally been made in Japan in 2009, together with reissues of the previous seven A&M albums. I am not sure if it includes Credits or if it is a single disc release.
[Entry reviewed 29/9/2009]


Single initially released with picture sleeve with limited edition of 2,000. Spider is sometimes listed as The Spider. I am told that the track Danielle is incorporated into the track The Mountain which is on PRIVATE COLLECTION, though I haven't compared the two myself. Danielle is played at a faster tempo which is perhaps why I never noticed.
[Entry reviewed 24/7/2006]

Alternate releases and cover art variations for albums initially released from 1971 to 1980

PIANO VIBRATIONS was reissued by Voiceprint in 2003 as a CD and has new artwork. The original was part of a series of albums with common styling and is shown alongside DYLAN VIBRATIONS which apparently also featured Rick but doesn't get picked up on like PIANO VIBRATIONS does. PIANO VIBRATIONS also had a second cover it seems. The Voiceprint website displayed the artwork on the right for the 2003 release which is obviously inappropriate and presumably has not been used. Unfortunately it also gets used to illustrate the album on Amazon UK.

SIX WIVES was also available on vinyl in quadrophonic and I also mentioned earlier a Spanish only vinyl version which is shown slightly cropped. The gold disc version of JOURNEY is packaged slightly differently. There also seem to be versions of the vinyl for the South American market with the title and text translated. Since I played around with an animated GIF in the entry for NO EARTHLY CONNECTION I am showing the album cover itself and finally I am showing that Criminal Record has been available with both white and red lettering. I am not sure which colour was used for which releases though the CD appears to have been red.

The latest trend from Japan is the release of CDs in "mini-LP" packaging. That is to say faithful scaled down copies of the original vinyl LP packaging complete with gatefolds and inserts etc. In early 2003 Rick's first three A&M albums were released in this format. Look out for catalogue numbers UICY-9261/2/3.

Even better news is that Lisztomania, No Earthly Connection, White Rock and Criminal Record joined them in September as UICY-9294/5/6 and UICY-9301. Notice that Criminal Record has the white lettering again.


This album was originally released on Charisma but never received a release on CD in the UK. Fortunately it was released on CD in the US on the Griffin label and survived their demise and rescue and remains available. Less fortunately it has the inferior U.S. cover art. There was a release using the U.K. artwork (right) in Japan as Virgin VJCP 2551. The great news is that a release was announced for 20th March 2006 on Music Fusion/Voiceprint (Amazon list it as17th April) and it has been remastered and would appear to be using the U.K. artwork. The less great news was that the initial batch turned out to be faulty and couldn't be played on audio CD players. A "mini-LP" 24 bit remastered issue of this CD was released in Japan on 16th January 2008 as AIRAC 1440. There does seem to be a hint of another paper sleeved version but it might be the same release from two sources.
[Entry reviewed 6/3/2008]
This was a 7" single (Charisma CB384) with a picture sleeve and was backed with Sorry. I don't normally bother to mention singles that are taken from albums, even if the edit might be different, but in this case the single featured Cori Josias on vocals rather than Chaka Khan which makes it more of interest. Obviously no longer available but you do see copies floating around various places on the internet.
[Entry reviewed 24/7/2006]
This is the soundtrack to the film of the same name together with "The Wakeman Variations" of it. I'd never heard of this being on a CD anywhere (except for transfers from the vinyl), but that situation is changing. I am familiar with the original UK cover art (shown) but a black cover with a face on it appears a lot and is included in the RWCC discography and there also seems to be a third verson including a figure holding shears in silhouette (this seems to be the Japanese release). The film itself was released again on PAL video and region 2 DVD in 2000. As hinted at earlier there is at last to be a CD release on Music Fusion/Voiceprint in 2007. Amazon UK gave the release date as 26/2/2007 (as did various Japanese sites) but Voiceprint themselves were quoting 2/4/2007 even though they were already shipping direct by early March. The tracklisting seems unchanged from the vinyl releases and Voiceprint say it has been remastered. They are illustrating the listing with the original UK cover. A "mini-LP" 24 bit remastered issue of this CD was released in Japan on 16th January 2008 as AIRAC 1439.
[Entry reviewed 26/2/2007]


Rereleased on President in 1993 as ROCK'N'ROLL PROPHET PLUS with extra bonus tracks. Includes I'm So Straight I'm A Weirdo and Do You Believe In Fairies which were a 1980 single release on A&M. This album was actually recorded in 1979 and was to be called MAYBE 80 (also the name of one of the tracks) but didn't make it out until Moon records released it three years later.
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]


This is the soundtrack for the film of the 1982 World Cup. It is rerecorded and reworked and the music is quite far back in the mix in the film so the video isn't a substitute by any means. I have a feeling there may have been more than one cover for this album but I may be imagining things. There was a film called HERO for the 1986 World Cup but the music for that never had a solo release. The music for that comes across more as "incidental music" than self-contained pieces and is even further back in the mix. The great news is that G'OLE! has been announced for its first ever official CD release on 2nd October 2006 on Music Fusion/Voiceprint MPFV123CD. A "mini-LP" 24 bit remastered issue of this CD was released in Japan on 16th January 2008 as AIRAC 1441.
[Entry reviewed 31/8/2006]
This album was originally released on the Charisma label but never had an official UK release on CD. It has been available in the US on Griffin for many years but unfortunately with the rather literal US cover which shows bank notes. It has also had a Japanese release as Virgin VJCP 2552 with the attractive UK cover (right). The good news is that Music Fusion/Voiceprint have remastered it and released the CD in the U.K. on 20th March 2006.
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]


The discography in the "Wots on TV Tonite" programme says the CD version has Elgin Mansions as a bonus track. I find this baffling as the original vinyl version had that track anyway. As well as the President release it was also released in Japan as King K32Y2020.
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]
Double A-Sided single of two TV themes (President WAKE 2 (7") 12WAKE 2 (12")). President still list the 7" single on their website with a price, as they do with 12" vinyl LPs of many of their other releases, which might suggest they can still supply it.
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]

This album features some of the old classic tracks from a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon performed by the line-up from the SILENT NIGHTS CD. This concert was originally recorded for broadcast on Capital Radio in London.
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]


Originally released as CODA NAGE 10CD and then with the "Landscape Series" branding more prominent as CODA 830 510-2 (nage 10). The second version was still circulation in 1997 alongside the 1992 packaging (NAGE 102CD). All three are illustrated later. On 12th May 2003 the album was reissued on Hallmark 704262 with the new cover illustrated on the right and at a budget price. The 1992 rerecording of the album on digital piano with additional tracks is listed separately.
[Entry reviewed 25/7/2006]
The 1993 UK release of this (reworked) soundtrack on President an extra track over the U.S. versions. The import version I have seen most often is Edel Screen EDS-5404-2 (it also has Fifth Avenue and New World splattered over it) which has different cover art (red background instead of blue, smaller picture on the front, different text layout) but it has also been Cinerama CIN 2202-2. The extra track is a vocal by Maggie Bell and is not one of Rick's compositions and doesn't seem to involve Rick at all. Indeed as far as I can tell it wasn't used anywhere in the film either. You may see this listed as MUSIC FROM CRIMES OF PASSION which is what the spine of the CD case has on it.
[Entry reviewed 25/7/2006]


Double album which was on CD as Stylus SMD 729. THE WORD AND THE GOSPELS is a repackaging of the same album as BMO 002/3. This album seems to have been recorded with too low a budget to do the job properly.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
The CD release on President RWCD 4 is said to have bonus tracks (presumably relative to the vinyl release). The U.S. release on Relativity/President 88561-1025-2 reverses the colours at the edge to form a border (shown later) and highlight "The Rick Wakeman New Age Collection".
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]


This is another of "The Rick Wakeman New Age Collection" on President RWCD 5 and is credited to "Ramon Remedios & Rick Wakeman" on the spine, though Rick's name appears first on the cover itself. Rick wrote all the material but Ramon's voice dominates and draws the attention away from some excellent keyboard work. There is a second version of the cover which seems to be a later President reissue.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
The UK release of this album on President RWCD 6 is rightly credited to "Tony Fernandez and Rick Wakeman" and the same ordering is used for the writing credits. You should take note of the comments on the sleeve that it is a percussion led album. The U.S. release on Relativity/President 88561-1024-2 (shown later) has the lettering shifted to a border round the original picture to highlight "The Rick Wakeman New Age Collection" again and also changes the credit to "Rick Wakeman and Tony Fernandez" which I think is unfortunate and a little misleading. This could be and probably should be a three star album on my rating system but I think it needs to be taken in smaller doses than the entire album.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
The CD (President RWCD 7) has extended versions of some tracks compared to the vinyl. Rick claims in his autobiography to rather have lost interest in this album by the time it was finished. It is a shame as there is some good stuff on here.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
THE WORD / THE WORD & THE GOSPELS / THE WORD - A Musical Spectacular On The Life Of Christ
THE GOSPELS was recorded for TV broadcast with orchestra and choir in Israel. It is in chronological order rather than the separate Gospels and shows the potential of the material. A video of this was released as THE WORD on Central CTV 1014 in 1988 and then by Beckmann as THE WORD & THE GOSPELS in 1991 (Beckmann BM 0003 (VHS/PAL)). There is an NTSC version called THE WORD - A Musical Spectacular On The Life Of Christ. Rick seems to have had an issue with this video being on release in around 1994 for some reason to do with licensing.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]


A four CD box, allegedly a limited edition of 1000 only, containing SIX WIVES, JOURNEY, ARTHUR, and WHITE ROCK. The catalogue numbers of the CDs are the same as the individual releases from 1988 and there isn't anything on the packaging to show it is a limited edition.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
An album of piano music released as President RWCD 8. Announces itself as the second in a trilogy and that NIGHT AIRS will be the third. This is interesting as COUNTRY AIRS never hinted that it was part of a trilogy until the 1992 version!
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
A joint album with vocalist/percussionist Mario Fasciano, BLACK KNIGHTS was recorded in 1989 and released in Italy (presumably Vedette Records CDVRA 9333). The UK release with new artwork was in 1991 on Rick's Ambient label with another release on Rio Digital in late 1992. In 1994 it was released on West Coast WCPCD 1009 with new cover art (right) and the same artwork has been used for a release as ICEBEAR 97007. There is also a Japanese release as Jimco JIM 0075 with the Ambient artwork. New artwork illustrates a download issue of the album dating from 9th Dec 2009 on Amazon UK and it seems there is an actual CD release on Pull Music, possibly dating from March 2010 (at least that is when it appears in the news on an Italian website).
[Entry reviewed 14/6/2010]


An album of piano music released on President RWCD 9. The last of the trilogy.
[Entry reviewed 18/6/2007]
"The Sun Trilogy"

An ambient/relaxation music trilogy released on Ambient/Badger in 1990 (first two only I think), on Rio Digital in 1992, and President in 1993 (President RWCD 17/18/19). There was a cassette only compilation on Ambient/Badger in 1991 entitled THE SUN TRILOGY (I can't confirm a CD release). The CDs have also been released by Sattva in Germany and I believe Griffin may also have released them for the North American market. In Japan the trilogy was issued as a 3-CD set labelled as SUNRISE SUNSET SUNSHADOWS (Jimco JIM 0072-4) (shown on the right). The three albums have been remastered for reissue on Music Fusion/Voiceprint on 13th November 2006. The covers illustrating the releases on the Voiceprint site have coloured borders and slightly different colouring to my President releases so it is possible they are subtlely different. I would welcome confirmation of this.
[Entry reviewed 6/10/2006]
I don't think I have heard this single, which is mentioned in the 'Wot's On TV Tonite' programme. I understand Rick wrote the music for a series of TV programmes but that the series never got broadcast or something.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
This is the 1990 colour tinted restoration of the 1925 silent film starring Lon Chaney. Rick composed and performed the soundtrack with Ramon, Ashley and Chrissie taking vocals. Highlights from it were reworked as the PHANTOM POWER album but I think it works a lot better on the soundtrack. I have included this in the discography because being a silent film the soundtrack is continuous and in the foreground and really it is like a long music video. The video is very much packaged as Rick's product. This video is out of print so potential buyers should bear in mind that there are other versions of the 1990 restoration (one with a score by Carl Davis may well still available on video) and other restorations available, not to mention many other completely different films ,so you have to make sure you buy the right one which is RTV Video RTV 101.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
Originally released in the US only in 1990, it became more widely available on Asaph AR-1049 in December 1991. The RWCC newsletter said it was being reissued as THE WORD AND MUSIC in 1996 but that turns out to be a different album. It contains scripture readings by Nina Wakeman with musical backing by Rick. It isn't my cup of tea at all really. I guess I have to give it no stars until such time as I ever feel inclined to play it again.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]

Alternate releases and cover art variations for albums initially released from 1981 to 1990

1984 was released on Griffin records in the U.S. with a different sleeve that doesn't appear to have any obvious advantages other than it being easier to read the title. THE BURNING has had at least three different sleeves and I suspect the left hand one above may originate outside the UK as it certainly isn't the original which is shown with the entry. The second one shown above is the Japanese LP release. COST OF LIVING was given a rather literal sleeve by Griffin instead of the attractive UK one.

COUNTRY AIRS may now be most familiar as the 1992 rerecording on digital piano though a very low priced release of the original on Hallmark in 2003 may change that. To me the original cover shown above left is the most elegant though the words "New Age" are intrusive. Notice how the photo is bigger on the 1986 reissue which makes more of the "Landscape Series" brand that also applied to the original and then is full size and cropped on the 1992 branded as "The Art Of Landscape" to associate it with The Landscape Channel.

CRIMES OF PASSION started off with the red sleeve shown before being reissued in the U.K. by President. THE WORD & THE GOSPELS (which I've squished a bit horizontally) introduced the Rodney Matthews sleeve design later used on THE NEW GOSPELS. THE FAMILY ALBUM and ZODIAQUE both had the lettering altered for the U.S. releases shown and between them there is a slightly different version of A SUITE OF GODS. This seems to have been around a while. The layout of the original booklet was cocked up so maybe President corrected it and took the opportunity to tweak the cover.

THE SUN TRILOGY covers seem to have been created by Sattva Arts in Germany but have been used by all the labels releasing the albums. I thought I'd seen these albums somewhere on the net with different covers but I guess I was imagining things. It has been suggested to me that there are releases entitled AMBIENT SUNSHADOWS etc but I have no evidence that this is anything other than inaccurate titles in listings. I do notice that the covers featured in listings vary slightly in colour between the Sattva, Griffin, President and Music Fusion/Voiceprint releases which may or may not indicate they are different in reality. The covers shown on the Voiceprint site also show coloured borders which again may or may not reflect reality. Clarification is welcome.

BLACK KNIGHTS was first released in Italy with a rather interesting cover and then licenced for Ambient Records. A 2010 issue has a rather strange cover.


PHANTOM POWER is a reworking of some of the soundtrack to the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. It was available on CD on Ambient A-IOM-2 and Rio Digital once upon a time. At long last in April 2001 President announced a release of it for 14th May 2001. This cover for this new release uses the same picture as the Ambient one (right) but all the lettering has been redone. The album was reissued on 24 May 2010 as PHANTOM OF THE OPERA by Nova, which seems to be the distributer rather than the actual label.
[Entry reviewed 14/7/2010]
Alleged by a programme discography to be a limited edition (1,000) CD, it was released on Ambient / Badger AMB5-MCD in 1991 followed by rerelease on Rio Digital in 1992 and on President RWCD 13 in 1993 (right). The same discography also suggests the original was a double CD but this incorrect. The original cover was a plain white with a drawing of a piano. You may find this listed with VOL. 1 or similar after the title.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
A 52 minute live recording from the Classical Connection tour featuring music from the CD and tracks that appeared as live recordings on the follow up CD was released in 1991 (Beckmann BM 0002 (VHS/PAL)). I should imagine there is an NTSC version and there has certainly been an NTSC format DVD of it. A PAL format DVD appeared in April 2004 (Beckmann ID8814 (DVD/PAL)). The PAL DVD and VHS are available from Beckmann Direct, and Amazon UK still seem to list the DVD.
[Entry reviewed 24/2/2007]
Reworking of music for 1991 Dickens Festival at Rochester upon Medway. Rereleased in 1994 on President RWCD 24 with a different booklet. The OED only mentions "Magna Carta" or "Magna Charta" so that is either a misspelling or someone claiming to be historically correct.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
Originally released as Ambient A-IOM-4CD in 1991 and then again in 1992 as Rio Digital RIO CD 1004, President reissued this album with a different sleeve (right) in 1994 (RWCD 23). Includes the "Pearl and Dean" concerto from the original Journey concert and various odds and ends. Included are some long and quite superb piano solos that make the album well worth having (they take up about 2/3 of the album). By the way the individual timings on the sleeve have lost ten minutes - Piece For Granny is actually 14 minutes long.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
"A World Of Wisdom - with Norman Wisdom, featuring Rick Wakeman". Very much a Norman Wisdom album with some very ropey singing (he wasn't young when he recorded it) and including some sketches. Rick was heavily involved with it and released it on his own label as Ambient AIOM5CD. It arguably shouldn't be included in this discography but if I didn't include it here people would only say I'd missed it so I'll take the easy way out and include it. Even if this was still available you really don't want it unless you are a collector. However as a tribute to a comic genius then it is possibly very good.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
This release as President RWCD 21 is based on music written for films at some festival or other.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
Allegedly a limited edition (1,000) released on Rick's own Ambient label in 1991 and reissued in 1993 on President (RWCD 14). The cover art is not the same on the two and indeed the original cover illustration was reused by President on their release of CLASSICAL CONNECTION.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
Central TV recorded a series of concerts for broacast under the title "Bedrock". A video of this was released in 1991 and there has also been an NTSC DVD of it. The concert was released again as CLASSIC ROCK LEGENDS on DVD and video in 2002 though it dropped Merlin the Magician from the end. I have also heard comment that the video and audio are far superior on this release.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]
I read somewhere (an old RWCC newsletter?) that this album, sometimes referred to as ANTHEMS, was originally released in South Africa in 1991 but if this is true it has kept its head well down since. It does seem however that the Japanese release on Quattro QTCY-1017 was indeed in 1991 which is why I have shifted it from 1993 in this listing. The UK release was in 1993 on President (RWCD 20). I was once told there were two covers for this album but it was unclear if that was including the Japanese release.
[Entry reviewed 22/8/2006]


There are eleven tracks. Two of them are Adam Wakeman's and he also plays on three others. This has been released as LURE OF THE WILD in some countries.The Japanese release on Zero has a different cover. The first release seems to have been as Rio Digital RIOCD 1011 in November 1992 with the President RWCD 11 release quickly following in February 1993.
[Entry reviewed 24/2/2007]
This is a complete rerecording of the CODA original from 1986 on digital piano with four extra tracks and the remaining ones reordered. The sleeve is (naturally) different as well, though similar in spirit to the Art of Landscape one. It seems that a reason why Rick rerecorded it was that the CODA version had gone out of print. Strangely enough the CODA version was rereleased with a new number and different packaging in 1992 as well. This album comes in for stick from many for using a digital piano.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
I must admit I wasn't paying too much attention to Rick's recordings around this time so I don't know if this was a freely available album in the UK. However it was a Japanese import album and was a compilation of all the material Jimco had on licence at the time which would equate to the Ambient / Rio / President era. Some tracks have titles suggesting they could be A&M era releases but they are later versions from other albums.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
This is a video release of a televised concert in Melbourne in 1975. A tour discography lists it as Icon VICOM 001 with another release on Fragile FRVD 02 in 1994 but my copy is Wienerworld WNR 2059. I am sure there are NTSC versions and there is certainly a DVD about. There are two covers for this that I know about with the one shown right being the most common one to be seen. Classic Pictures reissued this as the JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH DVD+CD set in 2002.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]


Rerelease of ROCK'N'ROLL PROPHET with four bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are newer recordings made ten years on from the original album and supposedly in the same style though they don't sound much like it to me. Ray Riethmeier, who corrected and added to much of the information in this discography (and indeed added catalogue numbers I haven't used) reckons it goes well with 2000 A.D. which is pretty much of the same date as the new stuff! I think I read somewhere that the new tracks were not new compositions especially for the album but stuff Rick had lying around that seemed suitable, but I may be imagining things. At the time of writing the President RWCD 12 release is awaiting reissue on 29th January 2007.
[Entry reviewed 24/1/2007]
An album of powerful piano solos inspired by locations on the Isle Of Man. Rick's best pure piano album until PRELUDES TO A CENTURY stole its crown. The President RWCD 16 release is not available from Amazon UK at the time of review.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
The musical tracks from this album, which was available as Myrrh MYRCD 1296) have been reworked to form the basis of CAN YOU HEAR ME? (1996) and the narrative tracks are included on ORISONS (1996).The musical tracks are actually rather good but the narratives don't do anything for me.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
CHRONICLES, released on Icon ICOMCD 005 in late 1993, is the same as the second CD of GREATEST HITS. I don't remember ever seeing it in the shops though I believe it was being sold from tour merchandising at the time and it seems to be one of the rarer albums. SELECTIONS FROM JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH is a 1999 release available on import from Griffin and is the same album.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
Another "Wakeman With Wakeman" album but this time an equal partnership with the tracks split evenly between Rick, Adam, and joint efforts.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
UNLEASHING THE TETHERED ONE - The 1974 North American Tour
A live recording of Journey and a couple of others from 1974. I've never been entirely clear if this is a boot or a legitimate but obscure release (ARC 001). Probably the former. It is certainly not something that used to be easy to get hold of. I nearly didn't include it here but as Wayne includes it on the RWCC site I'll go along with that! JOURNEY TO CENTRE OF THE EARTH PLUS from the TREASURE CHEST seems to be an extended version of this (so the source is a Canadian TV broadcast) but the quality of that is abysmal and painful to listen to whereas this is by no means brilliant but is at least adequate.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]


A double CD of new recordings of Yes and solo material. Many of the tracks are very good if considered in isolation but as an album it all gets a little bit too much for me. The first release I saw on Fragile CDFLR001 has the CDs labelled RICK WAKEMAN PLAYS YES (CDJMC003) and THE RICK WAKEMAN CHRONICLES (CDJMC004). A later Disky DC 866292 release (right) had a single width case with a different cover and both were on the shelves at the same time. The Fragile release was later repackaged in a slimline case with a Roger Dean sleeve (but keeping the same catalogue number) that seemed to appear after a similar style U.S. release. I thought that release was on Griffin but there was certainly a version on Herald HER007 so it may have been that one. At the time of review Amazon UK have entries for all three versions but none of them appeared to be in print.
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]
Rerecordings of three classic tracks by Rick and an undistinguished group of American musicians that is worth hearing for the arrangements. Long available on import on Versailles (right) before I first saw a UK release but I've seen this dated after a UK release on Prestige in April 1994 (though I've also seen 1993 given as the year of release for the album). In late 1996 the same album with different packaging was released on Hallmark 305632 and by March 1998 there was a release on Prestige with a third sleeve design. An import on Hot Records had a variation on the original cover and it seems it was also on a label called Zazoo. There are also Brazilian and Japanese (COCY 80311) releases too, each with their own cover. See also a 2001 release with an extra track, a 2005 release with a different name and the tracks reordered, another 2005 release with the same different name and an additional CD, a terrible 2005 compilation, and a 2007 release with even more tracks.
[Entry reviewed 10/5/2007]
A double CD recorded live with Adam Wakeman, Tony Fernandez and Alan Thomson. I seem to remember the original just said THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG but I may be mistaken and it could have been the same as the U.S. release on Griffin which was credited to Rick but with the title WAKEMAN WITH WAKEMAN: THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG. An album called WAKEMAN WITH WAKEMAN LIVE appears to be the same thing and see also THE STAGE COLLECTION below. In the U.S. there was a special edition "PIANO BOX" discussed later which is just the Griffin CDs inside though strangely on the front of the box they call it THE OFFICIAL LIVE BOOTLEG. See also the 1999 release OFFICIAL LIVE BOOTLEG. At my last review Amazon UK didn't show this CD in print.
[Entry reviewed 7/8/2006]
This appears to be an Italian release of THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG but the track listing I have seen suggests the tracks have been reordered so I have listed it separately. I haven't researched the release date so have listed it next to the similar album.
[Entry reviewed 7/8/2006]
CD Single also featuring Simply Free, Starflight and The Bear.
[Entry reviewed 19/8/2006]
With Adam Wakeman. Each plays piano on their own compositions with shared keyboard overdubs. I had this rated as two stars at one stage but to be fair it is perhaps worth four. I rate it down because I heard the later TAPESTRIES first and it is very similar in style. Many people rate the two albums the other way around.
[Entry reviewed 19/8/2006]
This is a live album taken from a one-off short concert recorded during the 1976 No Earthly Connection tour for BBC television's "Old Grey Whistle Test" and released as Windsong WHISCD 007. It is credited to "Rick Wakeman and The English Rock Ensemble". The same concert appears as part of the two CD 2007 release LIVE AT THE BBC but the content isn't quite the same as LIVE ON THE TEST includes Rick's chat and John Dunsterville's Johnny Cash parody and these do make this release more attractive because the band isn't really on very good form at all. Apparently Rick has not seen a penny from this release.
[Entry reviewed 2/3/2007]


Hmm. I remember when Dan Wooding's biography mentioned this as the next big project. That must have been somewhere around 1978. Narration by Garfield Morgan. A lot of people quite like this album but I've never managed to really get into it. Mind you I only got the CD in November 1999 (I just had a tape of it for the years before that) and that may improve the listening experience. I've upgraded it from one star already and it could be a three, though it does get a bit samey. I think perhaps it was recorded on too low a budget.
[Entry reviewed 19/8/2006]
Recording of the music for the Cirque Surreal show with added vocals by the wonderful Chrissie Hammond. This was originally on D-Sharp DSH LCD 7018 in the UK but seems to have appeared on several labels including Griffin and Magnum America. It was being released on Music Fusion/Voiceprint as MPVP115CD on 29/01/2007. I don't know if it has been remastered but it is possible the cover art has been slightly refreshed. Another release has appeared on Amazon UK for 5/7/2010 on Edsel. That has new cover artwork.
[Entry reviewed 21/07/2010]
Previously seen as an import on Griffin (I have used the UK release date), this album first got a proper UK release as Disky RPCD 013 with the title ROCK AND POP LEGENDS with ALMOST LIVE IN EUROPE mentioned on the CD insert. It is a live album from 1989, 1990, and 1991 with studio overdubs and extra instrumentation. By March 1998 the album was on Wise Buy WB885982 (another Disky label) as THE BEST OF RICK WAKEMAN (sometimes listings add LIVE on the end). A repackaging on Music Fusion MFCD002 in February 2000 reverted to the ALMOST LIVE IN EUROPE title (right). As of summer 2001 The Store For Music had a release with the same cover intended for release in Europe outside the UK. Master Music have a release with yet another cover in 2002. A release on Music Fusion/Voiceprint MFVP107CD has been listed for 14th August 2006 and appears to have a slightly reworked cover.
[Entry reviewed 20/2/2007]
The New Gospels - Hope HRHCD001THE NEW GOSPELS
Double CD. Hope HR001 had a predominantly white cover. HRHCD001 released on 25/10/96 had a new picture cover (right) but was also seen in 2002 with the white cover (old stock perhaps?). The tracks are essentially those on THE GOSPELS plus two new ones (one of which was probably contemporary with the original release I suspect) however there has been considerable rearranging, reordering and reworking and many tracks have been so added to that they are 95% new (if not more so). The reissue under the Voiceprint banner in 2001 as Hope HOPEVP103C has slightly modified artwork.
[Entry reviewed 19/8/2006]
This album is packaged as VISIONS OF PARADISE in some countries and the cover is much nicer.
[Entry reviewed 19/8/2006]
A live album of solo piano pieces. Castle have this under the Essential banner (Essential ESSCD 322 (Castle GAS 0000322 ESS)) but are also listed a lower price version for March 2001. This listed originally as RICK WAKEMAN PIANO ALBUM but the (different) cover has the original name. SIMPLY ACOUSTIC - THE MUSIC was announced in the RWCC as a 1997 release to match the name of the video and the tour. I never saw it because it was Asaph ARD 1088 and Asaph is a US label! A 2001 release just called SIMPLY ACOUSTIC (listed separately) is different because it includes anecdotes and also a slightly different track listing.
[Entry reviewed 19/8/2006]

Alternate releases and cover art variations for albums initially released from 1991 to 1995

PHANTOM POWER had its cover reworked for its release on President in 2001, and a completely new cover for its release as PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in 2010. THE CLASSIC CONNECTION, THE PRIVATE COLLECTION and THE CLASSICAL CONNECTION II all had different covers when they first appeared. Notice how the cover of the latter was reworked as the cover for the President release of THE CLASSICAL CONNECTION.

AFRICAN BACH was released in Japan in 1991 with the cover shown above and WAKEMAN WITH WAKEMAN has also appeared with in Japan with a different cover and elsewhere as LURE OF THE WILD.

In September 1993 Icon released THE VERY BEST OF RICK WAKEMAN - CHRONICLES which in March 1994 became the second CD of GREATEST HITS under the name THE RICK WAKEMAN CHRONICLES. The first release I saw was on Fragile in a double width case with a spiral galaxy design (and Greatest spelt wrong on the spine!). A few months later came a release on Disky in a single width case that is still being listed (illustrated with the discography entry). There was a U.S. release with a Roger Dean cover which I thought was on Griffin but may have been on Herald (or there may have been more than one). The Herald one is shown next. Fragile then repackaged the CD in a single width case in a similar style of artwork shown next. The CD names and catalogue number remained the same. The inside back of the Fragile one shows the same picture as the front of the Herald one. In 1999 we returned to square one the second CD was released on its own by Griffin as SELECTIONS FROM JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH: INSTRUMENTAL VERSIONS (illustrated in the discography).

CLASSIC TRACKS has had a number of covers. The one illustrating the listing later is the original one I saw in the shops which was an import on Versailles and came with a sticker on it written in French saying it was the new album by Yes' keyboards player. The first UK release I saw was the Hallmark release on the left and then came the release on Prestige seen around in 1998 (it was originally on Prestige on 1994, I don't know if it had this cover). The next cover is a Japanese release (COCY 80311) followed by the 2002 Brazilian release on Roadrunner/Sum records and the last one is a variation on the original that Amazon show for the Hot Records import. The 2001 version of the album on Store For Music with an extra track also has this last cover and there is also a different cover for the Master Music version.

WAKEMAN WITH WAKEMAN LIVE is an alternative version of THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG but not as alternative as Griffin's version usually called the "PIANO BOX" for obvious reasons. This is a hinged wooden box measuring over 11 inches by 10 inches and with a 5/8th inch thick top with a lined recess for the CD booklet and a 3/4 inch deep bottom with lined recesses for the CDs and a the number of the box inset (it is a limited edition of 1000). For those that don't know imperial measures one inch is 25.4 mm. It is a really nicely made package but let down by a very unambitious 'booklet' and it does rather seem an inappropriate choice of album for the packaging. Some who purchased it have gone as far as to say they felt 'ripped off'. I can appreciate what they mean. If they were going to that much trouble to produce the box they could have been much more adventurous with the contents.

CIRQUE SURREAL is listed by Voiceprint for reissue in January 2007. The cover shown above is taken from the Voiceprint site and suggests it has been relettered. The colours may also have been freshened up a bit but that could just be a colour reproduction issue. Clarification on this would be welcomed. A July 2010 release is illustrated with completely different lettering.

Another album that comes in a number of guises is ALMOST LIVE IN EUROPE. I assume the cover on the left is the Griffin original release and then comes Disky's ROCK & POP LEGENDS and THE BEST OF RICK WAKEMAN (on their Wise Buy label). Note how the latter has the word "Live" in smaller lettering. This sometimes gets added to the title in listings just to confuse the issue The original title returns for the Music Fusion release (The Store For Music used the same cover) which is shown in the listing and the Master Music one shown here. On first glance it appeared the 2006 reissue on Music Fusion/Voiceprint used exactly the same cover it had before but closer inspection of the images illustrating the listings on Amazon UK suggest that the lettering has been slightly reworked and has also dropped slightly lower down the cover. It also looks rather a brighter blue but that could just be differences in colour reproduction rather that a reflection of the actual product.

THE NEW GOSPELS was originally released with the cover shown above left with black writing on the white background before getting a picture sleeve based on that originally used for THE WORD & THE GOSPELS. It was reissued by Hope under the Voiceprint group in 2001 and this slightly modified cover is used (the lettering has shifted from left to right). VISIONS was rather attractively repackaged as VISIONS OF PARADISE. THE PIANO ALBUM had a release as SIMPLY ACOUSTIC - THE MUSIC which was on a U.S. label and has also been released by Castle at a budget price (which seemed to annoy Rick).


Border TV recorded a mimed performance of THE NEW GOSPELS on the Isle Of Man in 1995 and it was released as a video in 1996. As far as I can tell the soundtrack is the same as the original CD.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
SIMPLY ACOUSTIC is a video of the concert released as THE PIANO ALBUM. It was released as Hope Vision HRV 002 but has tended to be a little elusive over the years with the RWCC shop often being the best place to pin it down.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
This album was released in the U.S. on the Griffin label in early 1996 and was available in the UK on import (illegally according to Rick). The UK release followed on 1997 and is listed separately.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
With Adam Wakeman. Composition of tracks is equally shared and it sounds like they play piano on their own pieces with perhaps shared overdubs.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]
The KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR PRESENTS RICK WAKEMAN IN CONCERT live recording from the 70s appears in several guises. For a long time this was only available on import and in two different sleeves emphasising IN CONCERT. These covers were still shown in listings for the BMG and Plastic Head (right) releases when I checked in 2008. A July 1998 UK release with a third cover called it LIVE ON THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR. There is an IN CONCERT version without the King Biscuit name and one on EMI-Capitol just called LIVE (sometimes listed as RICK WAKEMAN LIVE). A March 2003 release under the Voiceprint umbrella uses the cover on the right and there is also a Japanese release on Sony SRCS 8122 with another cover. See also JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH in 2002 (same tracks in a different order) and RICK WAKEMAN: FROM THE FRONT ROW– LIVE in 2003 (DVD Audio version). A release on 31/1/2008 on Eurotrend called JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH turns out to be this album again!
[Entry reviewed 7/3/2008]
This release from A&M has SIX WIVES, JOURNEY, and ARTHUR in the same box labelled as above. I originally thought there appeared to be a booklet in with them but close examination suggests it is more likely to be three bits of cardboard packing. There is another version of the box about which is slimmer and so doesn't need packing out.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
I had always assumed this was a rerelease of IN THE BEGINNING which was never really released properly in the UK. This is because that is what Rick said it was going to be. In fact it is a similar style album but completely different. It was released 12/8/96 as Hope HRHCD 002 though it never seemed to make even the biggest of shops. It was reissued under the Voiceprint group in 2001 with a new cover as Hope HOPEVP104CD. I am not concerned at not having this is my collection.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
Narrative sections of PRAYERS with new and rerecorded pieces in a similar style (for example The Wish is not the version from PRAYERS). Released 12/8/96 as Hope HRHCD 003 though again it didn't seem a particularly widespread release. I don't have this and have no great desire to get it either. It was issued under the Voiceprint group in 2001 as Hope HOPEVP105CD with a new cover.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
Reworking of the musical tracks from PRAYERS with choir and additional instrumentation along with new tracks. Released 14/10/96 as Hope HRHCD 005 though it only seemed to get wide distribution in February or March of 2007. It was rereleased under the Voiceprint umbrella in 2001 as Hope HOPEVP107CD and at the time I noted it was supposed to get a new cover. As far as I know it didn't.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
VOYAGE - The Very Best Of Rick Wakeman
Two-CD set (A&M 540 567-2), with "booklet and extensive sleeve notes", from A&M containing digitally remastered tracks from SIX WIVES, JOURNEY (complete), ARTHUR, LISZTOMANIA, WHITE ROCK, NO EARTHLY CONNECTION, RHAPSODIES and CRIMINAL RECORD, as well as a track from a Strawbs album. Another set was said to be possible in future but never happened. Note that the "booklet and extensive sleeve notes" are one and the same thing and the sleeve notes include a long paragraph where the writer credits the musicians on the four SIX WIVES tracks and only gets one right. It seems he must have looked up the credits as if the tracks were in historical order of the wives (1,5,3,2) instead of the actual 1,3,4,5. The track Hibernation, from LISZTOMANIA, also seems to include Excelsior Song.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
With Adam Wakeman. On President records and allegedly released on 25/10/96 but I didn't find it in any shops until 25/11/96. Seven tracks are by Adam (six with his own vocals, one instrumental) and six are by Rick (two with vocals by Chrissie Hammond and the English Chamber Choir) and there are no shared performances. There is some good stuff on here but I give it just the one star because it isn't a patch on TAPESTRIES and so seems relatively disappointing!
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]


An album of Beatles covers in various styles was released in May 1997 on RP Media CDRPM 0018 (right). As of June 1998 it was available repackaged with a grey marbled plastic front to the jewel case (it had the same catalogue number). This version used the TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES title and there was also a Brazilian release under that name on Movieplay records (different packaging). I have seen it listed as 'Tribute to Lennon and McCartney' and 'Works of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison'. There is a Japanese release and MP Records in Italy have released it as TRIBUTO (MPRCD 037) in what sounds like a digipak. A reissue on Music Fusion/Voiceprint was been announced for August 2006 and the cover shown by Amazon had new lettering (I haven't confirmed what it really looked like).
[Entry reviewed 26/7/2006]
The RWCC Newsletter suggested this UK release would be retitled "Global Crisis" when released on Rick's new label but in fact it retained its original name when finally released on 29/7/97. This UK release has a different cover and includes Election '97/Arthur as an extra track. It is sometimes referred to informally as FIELDS OF GREEN 97 to distinguish it from the earlier release. For the benefit of those who bought the earlier release and missed the new track, this was also released on a limited edition CD single of tracks from the album. The album was listed for a 2002 release on The Store For Music (SFMCD018) which I don't think ever actually happened and has also been released on the Master Music label with a different cover. A reissue on Music Fusion/Voiceprint has been listed for 10th July 2006. The cover art illustrating this on Amazon UK looks a lot brighter than the one on the right. I don't know if this is just a colour rendering issue or if it is genuinely different.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]
Rick played a tour of churches using a small keyboard rig and one of them was recorded by the venue. The standard turned out to be high enough for Rick to release on his own label.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]


An album of thematic material featuring vocals by Chrissie and Fraser, and including some music originally intended for the BBC series 'Lineker's Golden Boots' before Rick was dropped from the project, was announced for May/June 1998. It certainly existed as of the week beginning Monday 8th June (official release was 1st June) though it didn't hit Tower Records until the week of 8th July. It cost £16.99 compared with £12.00 from RWCC which was very expensive. In the notes on his albums that have been added to the RWCC discography, Rick says that he wrote a potential theme for the World Cup under somewhat false pretences and decided to release it on an album with other thematic material he had written. No mention of the Golden Boots material at all. As of July 2008 the Amazon UK link for the release on President RWCD32 was listing the label as Ace with a March 2008 release date.
[Entry reviewed 9/7/2008]
A budget priced A&M release. It contains 10 tracks from SIX WIVES, ARTHUR, WHITE ROCK, CRIMINAL RECORD and RHAPSODIES. Three are also on VOYAGE (a compilation by A&M in the UK). This one again appears to have come from the UK but is under the PolyGram banner (540 894-2). I really give the star rating because of the quality of the music, not the quality of the compilation. The Russian compilation ROCK COLLECTION seems to be this CD with three extra tracks.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]


Not to be confused with the MASTERS SERIES. It seems to be a compilation of tracks from the date range covered by the President albums which makes one wonder if it is a UK release or a freely available European one. Rick isn't impressed by the selection which even includes a track actually performed by Adam! The Russian compilation CD named FOREVER GOLD is this album with eight tracks from RETURN… added. The release that Amazon UK initially listed was on Eagle but by 2006 the label was Cleopatra.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]
This long awaited album was released on 15th March 1999 in the UK having been delayed from the original date of 18th January. It features Patrick Stewart, Bonnie Tyler, Trevor Rabin, Justin Hayward, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Mitchell, Katrina Leskanitch, Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith, Phil Williams, Simon Hanson and Stuart Sawney along with David Snell, the LSO and the English Chamber Choir. Cover art is by Roger Dean. It is a masterpiece. A limited edition double vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve was released at the same time as the CD with a huge variation in pricing (I paid £19.99 in HMV, and others were charged the same, but it seems Virgin and possibly some other places were only charging £11.99). Despite being a limited edition it did not hold its value at all and you could buy them for as little as £1 on eBay in 2006.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]

To cut a long story short, THE NATURAL WORLD TRILOGY was originally going to be released around May/June 1996 and after various rumours about different record companies, boxed releases, individual releases, compilation discs etc it finally got a release date of 1st June 1999 as a 3 CD set (Music Fusion MFACD001). It is ambient music like the ASPIRANT series and excellent as such. In 2002 Master Music released this trilogy with a different cover.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]

To cut a long story short, the ART IN MUSIC TRILOGY was originally going to be released around May/June 1996 and after various rumours about different record companies, boxed releases, individual releases, compilation discs etc it finally got a release date of 14th June 1999 as a 3 CD set. It is ambient music like the Aspirant series and excellent as such. To my ears SKETCHES was slightly more interesting music than the others in either trilogy.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]
There was said to be an album of music from several Winter Olympics films that Rick produced music for on its way for late 1997 with the working title WHITE ROCK II. This was finally announced for 14th June 1999 and was on Music Fusion (MFCD004). The album was listed by Amazon for a 2002 release on The Store For Music (SFMCD016) but I suspect it was never released. The album also appeared on Musea (FGBG 4396.AR) and this is of interest for having a slightly different cover as Rick's name appears on the spine and the front. The whole album is included on the budget priced MY INSPIRATION 3-CD set released in March 2002. The album was being reissued on Music Fusion/Voiceprint on 4th September 2006.
[Entry reviewed 24/7/2006]
A suggested 1996 rerelease of THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG from 1994 became a much more definite rerelease on Music Fusion for 1997 but in fact it was finally released on 1st June 1999 under the name OFFICIAL LIVE BOOTLEG. The rerelease was long overdue as the original version was an extortionate price like £27.50 for ages. Paul Chandler points out that this release does not include the track 'Past And Present' which is on the earlier releases. The album was listed by Amazon for a 2002 release on The Store For Music (SFMCD019) but I don't think that ever happened. The whole album is included on the budget priced MY INSPIRATION 3-CD set released in March 2002.
[Entry reviewed 7/8/2006]
With Mario Fasciano. A reissue of 'BLACK KNIGHTS' with four new tracks (two written by Rick) had long been mentioned but it turned out to be a new album that was initially available in Italy only (with the title in Italian) as MP Records MPRCD 027. Most tracks are sung in Neopolitan rather than Italian (I believe BLACK KNIGHTS was the same). On a Wakeman mailing list many regarded this as Rick's best album of the year, despite the competition from 'RETURN'. It is very good, although very short. I forget if the MP Records release was officially available in the UK or if there was another version. The U.S. release followed in July 2000 and includes a bonus track so is listed separately.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
There is a CD single (MP Records MPRCD 031) of the track "A Quatte Mane" given the 'Atomic Gilda Remix' - in other words given a club style remix (or whatever the correct expression is - I don't know the terminology). It also includes the album version and a version of 'Farfarié' from BLACK KNIGHTS that doesn't feature Rick on it.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]


A superb piano album recorded on the Steinway at CTS Studios in Wembley. Amazon UK initially indicated the release date as 3rd January 2000 though it drifted by four weeks. One might speculate that this was to get some stock in as it was actually in their top forty sales at one point! They also started it a very cheap price before it crept up to the usual full price. The insert mentions that a Korg Trinity Pro-X was also used but I didn't notice how or where and I suspect perhaps it was a mistake.
[Entry reviewed 29/8/2006]
The second of two piano albums, recorded on the Steinway at CTS Studios in Wembley. It was originally due to be released around March 2000 but it was delayed because of strong sales of 'PRELUDES'. It is packaged as a sequel to THE HERITAGE SUITE with a similar style booklet. President made it available 'pre-release' in August 2000 with the official release date due to be on 1st September but it didn't really get a proper release till October 2000. The word is that whereas 'PRELUDES' sold well, 'CHRONICLES' rather bombed which is a shame for Rick, but serves President right for incompetent marketing and sheer greed.
[Entry reviewed 29/8/2006]
The U.S. release of STELLA BIANCA on Cleopatra includes the single remix though doesn't have the nice booklet of the original. This meets my criteria for a separate listing so here we are. It was released in July 2000 I believe. The Amazon UK entry now refers to the label as Purple Pyramid but I believe that's just another branding of Cleopatra.
[Entry reviewed 23/8/2006]
The album of hymns Rick recorded earlier in 2000 was released very, very quietly as Kevin Mayhew 1490055. I don't know exactly when it was released but I was told at the end of November it had been available for a couple of months or so. It is a very pleasant album, if a little overpriced, and is basically piano with keyboard overdubs. I don't think it has any secular distribution so apart from it possble being available in Christian bookshops it is probably best to get it from Kevin Mayhew directly. They have also listed a HOPESONGS CD of his praise songs but Rick doesn't actually play on it. The album was unavailable for a while but as of October 2007 it is back and has new cover art. It remains in stock in October 2011.
[Entry reviewed 8/10/2011]
This would seem to be the closest we will ever get to the long delayed "Christmas Album". Where once there was to be the English Chamber Choir there is now just Rick performing Christmas carols and hymns. Available from tour merchandising in October 2000, a cock up with the bar codes meant that it didn't get a proper release until December 1st/4th. Voiceprint listed TEN CHRISTMAS SONGS (HOPEVP108CD) for October 2001 but despite cover art being featured on the PIANO TOUR LIVE packaging it never happened. The album was reissued with new artwork in late 2002 and this included a new catalogue number. Mascot Records reissued the album with a third cover around 1st December 2003 and this cover was adopted for the 2004 reissue on Music Fusion I492164 (29/11/2004). The album has been remastered for another issue on Music Fusion/Voiceprint MFVP109CD announced for 16th October 2006. The cover art on the Voiceprint site is similar to the original differs in details. I'd appreciate confirmation on whether this reflects reality.
[Entry reviewed 31/8/2006]
This compilation was released by A&M on October 17th 2000 and subtitled THE VERY BEST OF RICK WAKEMAN 1973-1979. There is a lot of overlap with VOYAGE and MASTER SERIES. I have seen it suggested that this one goes back to the original master tapes, which it seems wasn't the case with VOYAGE. My import copy came with a sticker saying it was the first U.S. collection and indeed the other two mentioned originate in the U.K. It certainly seems a better effort all round. The Russian compilation HISTORY OF ROCK is the same as this CD.
[Entry reviewed 27/7/2006]
This is the video of the "Evening With Rick Wakeman" concert in Marlborough in 2000 and if I remember correctly it was not delayed as the DVD was and so came out on 17th October (The DVD Company DVD3001X (PAL)). Despite being listed on the packaging Merlin is *not* on the video. Paul Chandler strikes again and tells me the very first batch is labelled as AN AUDIENCE WITH RICK WAKEMAN. At the time of last review Amazon UK no longer list this as an in print item.
[Entry reviewed 1/8/2006]
A budget priced 2 CD set was released on 30th October 2000. It is basically another selection from the President recordings but does at least seem to have been thought quite carefully about. My was defective at the end of the third track and I stopped playing it so I never got a feel for how well the compilation worked. When Amazon finally replaced my copy eight weeks later the new one had identical problems so it seemed to be another CD with a manufacturing fault. I gave up on it
[Entry reviewed 29/8/2006]
A DVD and CD of the "Evening With Rick Wakeman" concert in Marlborough in 2000 was issued with an official date of 1st November (The DVD Company DVD1001X (PAL DVD+CD)). A proposed CD with DVD version was withdrawn. The CD includes "Merlin" (not on the DVD or video) and has been sensibly stripped to just the music without the anecdotes or the crowd noises. The DVD contains six audio only studio versions of tracks that featured on the tour that were specially recorded during post-production. There was a second version of the packaging being used in 2001 though it doesn't appear so much in 2003. The initial release of the DVD had too high an audio bitrate which means many DVD players don't give any sound. At the time of my review in mid-2006 Amazon UK no longer listed this as an in print item but it does seem to have been reissued in February 2007, being listed as THE  LEGEND LIVE and a slightly different cover is used to illustrate it. A CD+DVD version seems to have been released in 2008.
[Entry reviewed 27/9/2008]

Alternate releases and cover art variations for albums initially released from 1996 to 2000

Rick Wakeman - In Concert - Sony SRCS 8122 (Japan)

The King Biscuit Flower Hour live recording has had at least four covers emphasising IN CONCERT. I suspect the one shown above left is the original with the variation of it that illustrates the listing following along soon after and perhaps being the most common now. Actually perhaps we should make it five as apparently there is another variation one of these two original IN CONCERT covers with a different weight of lettering. The same photo with different lettering is used for the Japanese release on Sony SRCS 8122 shown in the centre above.

Another release just refers to the album as LIVE ON THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR, and then another as LIVE. The album got it's tracks reordered in 2002 to become JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (note the spelling of "Center") and in 2003 it will be the DVD Audio RICK WAKEMAN: FROM THE FRONT ROW– LIVE.

I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised if there may be other variations on the cover too, and of course I didn't allow for yet more releases of the album in future as in 2008 Eurotrend released it as JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

There is a second version of the 3 ORIGINAL CDS box around (shown squished horizontally) which doesn't need the cardboard padding the UK release does. It is catalogue number A&M 540277-2 and also says "The Rick Wakeman Collection" and "RFM la radio en or" on it. THE WORD AND MUSIC and ORISONS have been reissued under the Voiceprint umbrella with these two new covers.

The TRIBUTE album already had at least five covers before another one appeared in 2006 (this needs to be confirmed). The one in the listing is the original RP Media version. There then followed a version with a grey marbled effect front to the jewel case which seems to have the same catalogue number. This calls it TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES. Japanese listings tend to call the CD things like "Tribute to Lennon and McCartney" and "Works of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison" but that isn't reflected on the cover I have shown (the outlined text doesn't reduce well). In Italy MPRecords released the album as TRIBUTO with the rather vivid cover shown (I believe it may be in Digipak type packaging rather than a jewel case) and in Brazil it is called TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES. I feel sure I have seen a different RP Media version about but it might have been the back that was different and not the front or I may just be plain wrong. The photo on the Japanese and Brazilian releases is on the back of the original one. Voiceprint illustrate their 2006 reissue with the original cover but the one appearing in listings is the one shown above which has the lettering reworked.

Master Music put out several budget priced releases and this includes new covers for FIELDS OF GREEN (I believe it is the 1997 version with the extra track) and THE NATURAL WORLD TRILOGY. Musea released White Rock II with the sensible addition of Rick's name on the top right. Returning to FIELDS OF GREEN, the cover art shown on Amazon UK for the 2006 reissue of the 1997 release seems to be a lot brighter than the original. This could just be a colour rendering issue or maybe they have indeed brightened it up a bit. Confirmation would be welcome.

The EMI Classics website illustrates RETURN TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH with a cover featuring Roger Dean's lettering under Rick's name. I don't know if this is a cover that really exists, if it is an unused version, if it comes from a promotional CD of some sort, or if it is just a lash up from other material because they didn't have the cover art to hand. Hopefully if it is real someone will tell me about it eventually.

Voiceprint listed a release called TEN CHRISTMAS SONGS in 2001 which is presumably CHRISTMAS VARIATIONS and the rather nice cover shown was featured in the PIANO TOUR LIVE packaging but as far as I know the product was never released. In 2002 Music Fusion reissued CHRISTMAS VARIATIONS with an attractive but not particularly inspired cover and then in 2003 Mascot Records came up with a third cover which seems to have had a bit more effort put into it. This cover has also been adopted for the 2004 reissue on Music Fusion. The fourth cover shown is taken from the Voiceprint site and illustrates the 2006 reissue. Although at first glance it could be mistaken for the original cover the lettering is slightly altered and is yellow on black rather than white on blue and the picture itself is a bit brighter. Whether this reflects the actual product I don't know.

MORNING HAS BROKEN was released in 2000. In 2007 it was reissued with the new cover art shown above.


SIMPLY ACOUSTIC was announced without warning on Voiceprint (HOPEVP101CD) for 2nd April 2001 with new artwork. This release includes anecdotes and chat between the tracks which are not present on the PIANO ALBUM and presumably not on SIMPLY ACOUSTIC - THE MUSIC either. It was put to me by someone whose name I seem to have dropped in an earlier edit that the track listing is incorrect as the introductory recorded piece A Wish seems to be Children Of Chernobyl and indeed Gone But Not Forgotten *is* in fact Children Of Chernobyl. Wesley Miller concurs with the opening taped piece being Children Of Chernobyl rather than A Wish but feels Children Of Chernobyl at the end is also being played from tape, and so it is more of a case that Gone But Not Forgotten is omitted.
[Entry reviewed 29/8/2006]
A double CD was suddenly been annouced for 2nd April 2001 on the Voiceprint (HOPEVP102CD) label. It is from the video of the same name and includes all the chat.
[Entry reviewed 29/8/2006]
This is the Melbourne concert from 1975 that has been available on video as CHRONICLES for some time. As with LIVE IN CONCERT (it is released by the same company despite the name) there is a DVD and a CD (naturally the CD will have a omissions because of length). Classic Pictures again announced a DVD + CD in a DVD case (Classic Pictures Entertainment DVD1077X) and CD + DVD in a CD jewel case to catch both markets but it doesn't look like they released the latter version after all. There have been three versions of the cover, one just being relettered from the original (right).
[Entry reviewed 29/8/2006]
This is listed separately to the 1994 release of CLASSIC TRACKS as there is an extra 'previously unreleased' track by Rick and Mario Fasciano named Umberto II. However there is a track of that name on BLACK KNIGHTS and Wesley Miller has compared them and reckons they are the same. It is rather out of place on the album given the other tracks are rerecordings of classic tracks. The cover is the same as the Hot Records version of the 1994 release (see picture earlier). The release date was 23rd July 2001. In 2002 Master Music released a version with a different cover and on 16th February 2009 Metro are releasing a version named JOURNEY that also has MP3 releases (see pictures later).  See also a February 2005 release and a two CD 2005 release both called JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. Just to add to the confusion there is a 2007 release that has extra tracks and the tracks appear on a poor 2005 compilation.
[Entry reviewed 1/2/2009]
'TALES' is an import title (on Purple Pyramid / Cleopatra) that was listed for release on 7th August 2001. It is a double CD compilation taken from President-era releases (the track listing includes titles that first appeared on earlier albums but the versions on this album are later rerecordings or live versions). A double CD with a different title on Store For Music (Voiceprint) that Amazon listed as available from December 2001 seems to be the same thing (although 'TALES' doesn't list Eleanor Rigby it *is* in fact on the CD). Voiceprint actually claimed that the album was not for sale in the UK.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]
This is a single live CD of a 2001 South American tour concert that was announced in the June 2001 RWCC newsletter and listed for release on 20th August 2001. It was available direct from the RWCC on pre-release. My first copy was faulty and had the look of a badly manufactured disc. It was reported in mid-2002 that the cover had been relettered and the insert improved and this release became available in late 2002. On 12/4/2004 Mascot Records issued the album in Europe with the original cover. A reissue on Music Fusion/Voiceprint was listed for 10th July 2006.
[Entry reviewed 8/8/2006]
Rick appears in a documentary called J.R.R. TOLKIEN: MASTER OF THE RINGS - THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF THE RINGS. His music is *not* used on the soundtrack but the 'Special Edition DVD, CD and Booklet Set' includes a CD of Rick's music titled LANDSCAPES OF MIDDLE EARTH. This is actually taken from SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD and THE HERITAGE SUITE but the tracks are renamed. If you are interested please make sure you don't buy the similarly titled DVD with the subtitle beginning 'The Unauthorized...' and remember Rick's music is only on the CD in the Special Edition set. Amazon do list one with a catalogue number EREDV247 but that should be avoided as it isn't the correct version which is Eagle Vision EREDV248 PAL for the UK version. The CD later became available as A TRIBUTE TO THE LORD OF THE RINGS (listed separately).
[Entry reviewed 26/11/2006]
A DVD of a concert from late 2001 and probably a variation on the concert televised over there (I haven't compared the two). It was due for release in July 2001 but was delayed to 24th September 2001 for commercial reasons (though available earlier from the RWCC). It is another DVD+CD release but this time 'The Official Bootleg' CD is called a 'free CD' and is actually a copy of a bootleg of Chrissie Hammond and the band playing in Birmingham. I was disappointed with it because of the poor sound quality (though good for a bootleg) and because I already had the bootleg. On the Classic Pictures website they referred to the CD as being called 'Then'.
Ten solo piano arrangements of classical pieces intended to be released just about in time for Christmas. Rick hadn't released any original material this year and came up with this as a compromise. It was not expected to make the shops until late January 2002 and 4th February seemed to be the official date though it was still proving a little elusive as of April 2002. President had it available from mid-December for direct purchasers so we'll call it a 2001 release.


The performance from the 1990 Central Music 'Bedrock' series previously released as RICK WAKEMAN LIVE (aka LIVE 90) is available as a DVD and Video in PAL or NTSC formats. I couldn't get it delivered till January 2002 so I am calling it a 2002 release. The LIVE 90 release included a version of Merlin that isn't on this DVD so they aren't quite the same. Excellent camera work and an excellent performance but it is only about 48 minutes long which is very short. 'Classic Rock Legends' is the name of a series of DVDs taken from the TV series that appears on the top of the cover. Otherwise the DVD doesn't have a name and just says 'Rick Wakeman' and 'featuring Journey To The Centre Of The Earth'. They have had two versions of the cover of this, one being the painting that has appeared on all their other Wakeman stuff in 2002. You might find their marketing material referring to this DVD as BEDROCK or LIVE IN NOTTINGHAM to match CD+DVD and CD releases.
Classic Rock Legends announced this CD at the end of 2001 but provided no mechanism to buy it online and it wasn't mentioned elsewhere. Amazon finally listed an 8th April 2002 release date (though I bought it from CDzone in January!). It features four excellent new solo piano variations of Yes pieces together with three pieces from the GREATEST HITS album. The 'Special Edition' (I know of no other) includes a pathetic MPEG video track of 'The Meeting' with a strange yellow tinted grainy monochrome look. The piano was recorded at CTS Wembley which closed quite some time earlier so the tracks have been lurking a while. They mention piano duets but Rick says they are all solos. As of mid-2002 the price had been doubled to be top end which is ridiculous. A double CD package with the second volume has appeared in 2003 and also the piano pieces are available separately.
A triple CD set called MY INSPIRATION on the Trilogie label appeared in listings with a release date around the 4th March 2002. CDzone listed it for £7.67 plus postage but couldn't supply it after a month and I have been informed that there was a problem with the licences and it was recalled and eventually listed as deleted. It turns out to be compiled from no more and no less than the entirety of WHITE ROCK II and OFFICIAL LIVE BOOTLEG with the tracks intermingled. Somewhat to my surprise the set reappeared on Amazon UK in February 2003 with a 24th February release date though this slipped to March 17th.
A release of MY INSPIRATION with just two CDs appeared in some listings before the three CD one disappeared. It consists of the first two CDs from the three CD set and this includes 6 of the 7 tracks on WHITE ROCK II. CDzone were listing it for £6.58 plus postage. The jewel case comes in a cardboard sleeve which seems a little over the top considering the back of the insert is just a list of other CDs on the label and the inside back advertises a CD on another label. The packaging actually says 2001 on it. The outer packaging shown is a reworking of that shown for the three CD set. This set has also cropped up on Amazon with an October 2003 release date suggested. One or all of the releases mentioned are on Gemini.

Voiceprint announced an 8-CD boxed set of Wakeman rarities and odds and ends called the TREASURE CHEST for the beginning of April 2002 which naturally got delayed till late May! There are all sorts of bits and bobs really and its hard to describe it briefly. It is a limited edition of 1,000 sets and all have booklets signed by Rick. It is not something that is going to appeal to the casual fan. In my opinion at £75+£5 postage this box is overpriced and even for £60 it would be pushing it. In my opinion there is a potentially stronger five CD set in here. Incredibly, although the chests are numbered they were not released to customers in any particular order and it also turns out that you could have requested specific numbers if you wanted! Only CD8 is exclusive to the set (but it really is just worthless filler) as the others were all barcoded so they could be released individually (the catalogue numbers were Voiceprint VPTCCD1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8). They claimed not to have any particular plans for this but it remained an option and in February and March 2003 the first two individual releases appeared in listings. I have moved the listings for the individually released CDs immediately below (having originally had them as 2003 releases) to avoid the need to duplicate comments.
THE REAL LISZTOMANIA is the real highlight of THE TREASURE CHEST and it is derived from the original masters that Rick produced for the LISZTOMANIA album which were never used. It had an individual release on 21st April 2003 in the UK having slipped a couple of weeks.  The US release was also around that time having initially been listed as before the UK one. The catalogue number and cover art are a straight lift from THE TREASURE CHEST as might be expected.
Hot on the tails of THE REAL LISZTOMANIA came the second individual release from THE TREASURE CHEST which was first listed for 12th May 2003 though it slipped to 8th September.
The sequence of releases of the CDs from THE TREASURE CHEST continued with the third CD initially listed for release on 2nd June 2003 but slipping to 22nd September , according to Amazon, which was two weeks *after* the fourth CD. However the later put the original date back!
Not unsurprisingly, the fourth release from THE TREASURE CHEST was listed for July though again there was slippage. Curiously the eventual release date shown on Amazon was the 8th September which is out of sequence.
Following the one release a month pattern, here is the fifth individual release from the TREASURE CHEST initially listed for mid-August 2003. It slipped back to the end of September along with several of the others.
The sixth release from the TREASURE CHEST was announced for the 6th or 27th October 2003 depending on whether you believed Amazon or Voiceprint.
The seventh and final individual release from the TREASURE CHEST was announced for 3rd November 2003. It seems to have the same source as UNLEASHING THE TETHERED ONE yet is abysmal quality and near impossible to listen to. They seem to gone back to the source tapes and used the wonders of modern technology to produce something of much poorer quality than the old boot.
A second volume along the same lines as TWO SIDES OF YES had a release date of 1st July 2002 (Legends Records CRP0952). It cost about £15 including postage on release which was utterly ridiculous as it was over twice the price the first volume was when it was released (though that had been increased to the same price). Worse still only two of the six pieces are new (the insert tries to imply three with the incorrect studio credits). It took over six weeks for the distributor to get this to my supplier. Note the catalogue number might be seen as CRL0952 - they seem to have switched from Classic Rock Legends to Classic Rock Productions branding since listing the album. A double CD package with the first volume appeared in 2003 and also the piano pieces are available separately.
[Entry reviewed 15/8/06]
JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (note the spelling) is the KING BISCUIT album from 1996 with the tracks reordered. It appeared on European listings in mid-2002 and eventually cropped up on Amazon UK in February 2003 . Unfortunately the UK spelling will often be seen. Even more unfortunate is that there are now three other CDs with the same name that are different (one from February 2005, one from November 2005 and one from January 2008).
[Entry reviewed 6/3/2008]
This is a U.S. release of the CD named LANDSCAPES OF MIDDLE EARTH that was released with a DVD in 2001. Generally listed under the A TRIBUTE TO THE LORD OF THE RINGS name but Wesley tells me that the spine says SONGS OF MIDDLE EARTH. The cover is taken from the U.S. release of the DVD.
[Entry reviewed 15/8/2006]
Well would you believe it, I was still waiting for my copy of TWO SIDES OF YES II,which seems to have had abysmal distribution, when they announced this CD (Legends Records CRP1014) comprising the new piano pieces only which is what we all wanted in the first place. Again it was initially released at top notch price. They claim on the website it was recorded in Autumn 2001 yet CTS Studios Wembley say they closed in mid-2000! Well you might as well buy this instead of the other two and not get ripped off by the other two albums.
[Entry reviewed 15/8/2006]
Classic Rock Productions have released the DVD commonly known as CLASSIC ROCK LEGENDS with an audio CD of the soundtrack in a CD jewel case. Again it just says 'Rick Wakeman' and 'featuring Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' and this time the cover art is that used for the three Yes piano CDs. In the absence of a proper name I give it the SOUNDS & VISION name used for a series of CD/DVDs. They have released a NTSC version too and it seems for this version the name BEDROCK IN CONCERT has cropped up in listings though I suspect it might not make the packaging.
Rickrecorded an album with Dave Cousins as 'Wakeman & Cousins' and after a drift of a couple of months the release date was announced as 9th September for the UK. It was already available for shipping outside the UK by the beginning of August which is really annoying. The release date slipped to 16th September. The vocal performance by Dave Cousins is sadly not all that one might have hoped for.
LIVE was originally listed by Amazon for release on Voiceprint on 21st October but slipped a a few times to 11th November and ended up available in the US. before the UK. It is sometimes listed as LIVE - 1990 and is the same as the audio CD from SOUNDS & VISION. The cover art on the Voiceprint site says RICK WAKEMAN LIVE but that isn't the cover I've seen in the shops which does just call it LIVE. As if this wasn't enough I received an e-mail from CDzone on 28th October telling me about LIVE IN NOTTINGHAM from Classic Rock Productions being released that day which again is the same CD (there is a series under that title). As of May 2003 the latter version is available at a budget price.
This seems to be a single CD version of the MY INSPIRATION albums (i.e. tracks from WHITE ROCK II and OFFICIAL LIVE BOOTLEG) available at a budget price from Master Music. I'm not sure exactly when it was released but it popped up in the JPC listings in November 2002. The word was that this could also be withdrawn from sale but it seemed to linger on. It has a cracking cover.
This project with the English Chamber Choir was said to have been put on hold with completion during May or June 2002 being suggested and I did hear of a first live performance being booked for May 2002 but this never happened. Neither the originally planned live performances or DVD ever happened. It was eventually announced that the CD was completed for an expected August release in the UK only with copies available pre-release from the RWCC site. Naturally that didn't happen but it was available from the RWCC by early December. As of April 2004 the Music Fusion release was still only available from the RWCC (or at least wasn't listed elsewhere) but the distribution situation was improved by a European release on Mascot Records (12/4/2004 or thereabouts) . A new issue on Music Fusion/Voiceprint was announced for 15th May 2006. Oh yes and I really do recommend this album.
[Entry reviewed 8/8/2006]


This new studio CD by the ERE was a marathon project and much delayed. To cut a long story short, after several slippages the eventual release date was March 17th with the RWCC supplying preorders on 14th March. It was once suggested there would be a DVD to accompany it but this was made into a separate project. There is some great music on this album but I find the mix rather poor and it seems almost low fidelity. The lead vocals are also a disappointment. The album has been released on Mascot Records in Europe. A U.S. release finally appeared in August 2005 with bonus material (and so is listed separately). The album was announced for release on Music Fusion/Voiceprint on 15th May 2006 but it would appear it slipped to 12th June 2006.
[Entry reviewed 8/8/2006]
KING BISCUIT (various versions) strikes again as the improbable choice for a September DVD Audio release on Silverline, although this version appears to have the tracks reordered.
[Entry reviewed 7/3/2008]
Classic Pictures bundled together four DVDs from various artists in their catalogue into a box set and one of them was the 1975 Melbourne concert (again!). If you didn't have that DVD and had some interest in the other DVDs then this was a cheap way of purchasing it. Release date was November 2003. It was being listed under Rick's name in some places.
This compilation was released on Direct Source Label on 18th November. It is a U.S./Canadian release at a budget price. Some tracks have '(Excerpt)' after their names and the rest should do too. It is mostly extremely truncated tracks from THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG, plus two from CLASSIC TRACKS, one from FIELDS OF GREEN and one I'm not sure about (Elizabethan Rock). It is possibly the most pointless compilation I have ever come across and I see no merit in it whatsoever unless you want a complete collection.
[Entry reviewed 15/8/2006]


The much delayed DVD release of OUT THERE was finally confirmed for 28th July 2003 release and then again for the 13th October, which slipped to 20th October and then became 'early 2004' (apparently they wanted to avoid clashing with a Yes DVD). You may see it as OUT THERE EP on listings (Classic Pictures have a series of DVDs under the EP banner though this doesn't really seem to fit in with them) and the RWCC refers to it as OUT THERE - THE MOVIE. It has been shown in listings with a variation of the CD cover with the black band at the top that was never used and on the Classic Pictures site with temporary artwork. The content is the album remixed for surround sound as the soundtrack to a mimed performance and computer graphics, plus a piece about the album and tour with mininal live clips. The very latest release date for it was 23rd February in the UK, the following month in North America, and June in Australia, though the UK date slipped to the 1st March. It then slipped again to 15th Match for the UK and Europe and 8th June in Australia and North America. The 'final' artwork published in late 2003 was completely different and that too was changed for the actual release. The 5.1 mix seems a great improvement on the stereo one but the movie is rather disappointing really and doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. The 'making of' type video is a complete disappointment.
A DVD called THE ULTIMATE ANTHOLOGY appeared in listings for 15th March 2004 release. It turns out to be made by the dreaded Classic Rock Productions in a Ragna Rock guise with Direct Video Distribution simply being the UK distributor, so it will be no surprise to find the LIVE '90 material recycled yet again together with more of the clips of Rick at the piano playing the Yes solo pieces (as on the video track on Two Sides Of Yes Volume I) and Wondrous Stories with Roger Dean visuals (perhaps that is from the Roger Dean DVD?). The soundtrack is stereo or DTS. The packaging is poor with Ashley Holt renamed Ashleigh Howe and a cardboard outer cover having a hole in it that doesn't line up with the picture it is supposed to be framing. There is also a version released as THE ANTHOLOGY with a different cover. This might be the NTSC version but I've forgotten.
AAO Music ( had a website showing a compilation album called REVISITED (AAO Music AAO40411). This was released in April 2004 and was initially only available from FYE ( in the U.S. which makes you wonder why they didn't list it as of the end of May 2004). It was also to become available in several European countries (not including the UK) from the end of 2004. They have made a bit of an effort with the notes on the insert and Rick supplied a quote for it and attended the launch so at least they have tried. However it is really just a cut down version of TALES OF FUTURE & PAST / THE DEFINITIVE MUSIC (released back in 2001) with a couple of tracks out of sequence. Not a bad compilation as it goes but a pretty pointless one really.
[Entry reviewed 17/8/2006]


In 1988 Rick performed with Dave Cousins as support to his own band. This performance has now been released on CD. The official release date was 31st January 2005 though it was available direct from Witchwood Records before that. In listings you may find the title listed simply as LIVE and as by 'Rick Wakeman and Dave Cousins'.
[Entry reviewed 15/8/2006]
I have come across a February 2005 release from Germany on MCP Sound & Media called JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (note the spelling) with CLASSIC TRACKS as a subtitle. I've only come across one tracklisting for this and it suggests that this album may have the same content as the 2001 release of CLASSIC TRACKS (see also the 1994 release and a 2007 release!) but with the tracks reordered. I don't know how reliable this is but I've listed it separately because of this. A similarly titled 2005 release includes a second CD and I don't think this one does. Oh yes and there is this 2005 rubbish too. Also not to be confused with 2002 and 2008 releases with the same name.
[Entry reviewed 7/8/2006]
'The Lincoln Cathedral Project' was recorded by Voiceprint in late September 2001. Rick and a number of other artists were recorded in Lincoln Cathedral and this included binaural as well as conventional recording. Rick recorded an album on cathedral organ and piano. It was suggested releases would follow in 2002 but in fact it wasn't until December 2004 that the resulting album finally appeared in listings as Heliopause HPVP104CD with a scheduled release date of 28th February 2005. The CD has been listed as LIVE AT LINCOLN CATHEDRAL and AT LINCOLN CATHEDRAL but the cover art actually says RICK WAKEMAN AT LINCOLN CATHEDRAL. This is a double CD pack. The first CD contains six tracks (five on organ, one on piano). The second CD contains binaural versions of the five organ tracks, plus a DTS Surround Sound version of one of them and a MPEG of another. As of October 2010 the album wasn't available directly from Amazon UK or from Gonzo Multimedia (the successors to Voiceprint).
[Entry reviewed 28/10/2010]
Simply listed as JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH in some listings and incorrectly as DVD Audio in one, this is a rehash of the Melbourne concert yet again but this time with a bonus documentary including 'home movies' from the tour and new interviews with the band. The 30th Anniversary is presumably of the 1975 Melbourne concert and not the 1974 album. Release date is March 7th 2005. If you haven't got the concert yet then this might be a good way of getting it, otherwise it is an expensive way of getting a short documentary.
[Entry reviewed 16/8/2006]
A three CD compilation was released on Cleopatra in the U.S. on March 8th 2005. The third CD includes the whole of STELLA BIANCA. Paul Chandler immediately reported that it contains no less than five tracks that are actually from the Yes tribute CD produced by Adam Wakeman that don't feature Rick. Nic Caciappo reports the claimed unreleased version of The Realisation/The Prisoner is actually Sir Lancelot edited from ALMOST LIVE IN EUROPE, Lancelot and the Black Knight is Eleanor Rigby from the OFFICIAL BOOTLEG, Jane Seymour/A Crying Heart Part 2 has Jane Seymour edited out, and the whole of CLASSIC TRACKS is on there (see the 1994 release for all the other versions).
[Entry reviewed 10/5/2007]
A U.S. release of OUT THERE finally appeared in August 2005 on AAO Music's Reality label (AAO Reality AAO40511) with the cover now blue rather than the red of the 2003 original , new lettering, and the single mixes as bonus tracks (hence the separate listing).
[Entry reviewed 8/8/2006]
The DVD of Rick's performances with the English Rock Ensemble in Cuba in April 2005 was listed for release on 5th September 2005. The title is actually MADE IN CUBA, or MADE IN CUBA 2005 if you prefer, but Amazon listed it as LIVE IN CUBA. Classic Pictures actually sold it direct before the release date and at a generous price too. As of August 2006 Amazon UK didn't have the Classic Pictures version in stock but did have a version listed with Warner Music Vision as the label and a July 2006 release date. I'm assuming the cover is the same but I don't really know.
[Entry reviewed 16/8/2006]
A two CD set, unfortunately called JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH as if we needed even more confusion (and worse still often listed with the UK spelling), has appeared on the Ambitions label of Eagle Rock and seems to originate in Germany. The first CD is actually the later 2001 release of CLASSIC TRACKS with the extra track over the 1994 release and the second CD is MEDIUM RARE from the TREASURE CHEST so it could be a cheap way of buying both those albums. See also a similarly titled 2005 release, a poor 2005 compilation, this 2007 release and a similarly titled 2008 release.
[Entry reviewed 10/5/2007]

Alternate releases and cover art variations for albums initially released from 2001 to 2005

Rick Wakeman Live cover from the Voiceprint site. As far as I am aware this cover is NOT available on released product.

Master Music released another version of CLASSIC TRACKS with a nice new cover in 2002 and in 2009 it appeared again under the name JOURNEY on the Metro label. The Store For Music released THE DEFINITIVE MUSIC which is the same compilation as TALES OF FUTURE & PAST. Voiceprint's web site shows a different cover for LIVE which as far as I know wasn't used which is a shame because it is nicer! Classic Rock Productions continue to squeeze every last drop out of the same concert with LIVE IN NOTTINGHAM.

Music Fusion reissued OUT OF THE BLUE with much improved lettering on the cover. The illustrated covers for MY INSPIRATION are slightly squished and or cropped scans of the outer cardboard sleeves. The CD itself has the cover above (well the two CD version does and I should imagine the three CD is the same). OUT THERE was initially shown on the RWCC site and in listings with the cover above but it wasn't used. The awful black band across the top has gone and indeed the lettering is on the inside back cover of the CD showing through the clear jewel case.


RETRO was announced for 27th March 2006 on President Records. It features Rick using exclusively 'vintage' keyboards and backed by the ERE and his daughter Jemma on backing vocals and one lead vocal. It was apparently available from President before the official release date.
[Entry reviewed 16/8/2006]
Rick has long talked of launching a series of 'official bootlegs' and this release may be something along those lines. It is a recording from his tour in the U.S.A. in mid-2006 and was on sale at his performance in Quebec in July. I am told the disc is a CD-R and has a somewhat 'home-made' feel. The sound levels are all over the place and track 5 seems to have about ten minutes of extraneous stuff that shouldn't be there at all. Suggestions were that remaining copies would be available from the RWCC but that never seemed to happen (and Mike Holden knew nothing about it apparently). It is barcoded 8 07676 29136 3 which suggests it may have been made by Universal Recording Supplies Inc. See also the downloads section.
[Entry reviewed 3/7/2007]


Hux Records in the UK released a two CD set called LIVE AT THE BBC on 19th February 2007. The first CD is a previously unreleased recording of a BBC Radio 1 'In Concert' performance at the Hammersmith Odeon in June 1976. The full concert was never broadcast at the time.  The second CD is another special concert that was recorded for the BBC TV 'Old Grey Whistle Test' programme during the No Earthly Connection tour in April 1976 and again not shown in its entirety at the time. This is the same concert that features on the 1994 release LIVE ON THE TEST however in this digital remastering all Rick's chat has been dropped as has John Dunsterville's Johhny Cash parody. The same set is being listed on Japanese sites with the earlier release date of 25th January 2007 as MSIG-344. The cover art seems to be the same (on HMV Japan it looks darker but that might just be inconsistent colour reproduction).
[Entry reviewed 2/3/2007]
A new issue of CLASSIC TRACKS was listed on Japanese websites for release on February 21st 2007 (Amazon UK listed the 26th). It is released by Ward Records as Pure Gold TKCW-32146 and the full title is actually CLASSIC TRACKS - THE COMPILATION with the emphasis on the latter though don't be surprised not to see that in listings (also it does have its own cover). It includes a few extra tracks not on the previous issues (1994 and 2001, 2005 , a 2005 compilation and 2005 again) which makes it basically a compilation as the title suggests though rather an odd one. It is a two CD set with just the one track on the second disc (listings saying otherwise are wrong). The booklet is in Japanese which is a shame for those of us who can't understand it as the inclusion of a pretty comprehensive discography suggests it could be worth reading.
[Entry reviewed 10/5/2007]
Voiceprint have been listing a compilation of Rick's work in their SIXTY MINUTES WITH… series for release on 26th March 2007, catalogue VP6015CD. Amazon UK have it for £7.99 so it is quite a cheap album by UK standards. Despite the release date Voiceprint were already shipping direct by early March though at the other extreme Amazon UK couldn't get hold of it a week after release (though they seem to have had some issues with their listings).
[Entry reviewed 5/4/2007]
Out of the blue, a new DVD + CD release named AMAZING GRACE was announced for 2nd April 2007. The DVD features Rick introducing a number of hymns which are either played on piano with additional keyboards as a soundtrack to assorted visuals, or are played live in the studio on Grand Piano. A second version of the title track is played live in the studio with Jemma Wakeman and the English Chamber Choir on vocals and this is available as a single download on iTunes worldwide. The CD includes extra tracks over the DVD. As well as the DVD and CD set there were apparently plans for audio and video downloads and indeed the audio download was released on 19th April. The label is Classic Studio T (which was also Classic Pictures digital distribution arm) but Classic Pictures Holdings gets mentioned a lot on the packaging too. Sadly this release is only available in NTSC.
[Entry reviewed 12/4/2007]
A live show in the format of Rick's Grand Piano Tour of the USA was recorded by Classic Pictures at Shepperton Studios in August 2006. This was said to be scheduled for DVD release in Spring 2007 and that almost happened. In fact it was announced for release in the UK on 25th June, Europe from 29th June and the USA from 28th August. The label being used is Classic Studio T. Despite other suppliers shipping on time from stock, Amazon UK were suggesting a seven to nine day lead time the day after release and so lost my order. This is another release that is only available in NTSC.
[Entry reviewed 28/6/2007]
HMV Japan started listing a UK issue of RETRO 2 with a release date of 5th July 2007. As that waqss a Thursday and UK releases come out on a Monday that sounded wrong and indeed the correct release date seems to have been 25th June. The label is President Records and the catalogue number RWCD39. It appears that one supplier had already shipped copies of the CD by the end of May which is a little odd (and President may have sold a few themselves, though how they managed that when it wasn't mentioned on their website remains a mystery). The official release date seems to have drifted to 2nd July and Amazon UK lost my order by initially suggesting it would be a further four to six weeks.
President RWCD39
[Entry reviewed 28/6/2007]


It was once suggested that the 'Rick Wakeman DVD Archive Series' from Voiceprint would start appearing in 2007 and would include videos of live performances from Rick's personal collection. In April 2007 it was described as having five DVDs featuring live footage from the 70s, 80s and 90s along with an exclusive DVD featuring an interview with Rick recorded in early 2007. This made it sound more like it would be in the TREASURE CHEST format of a single boxed set followed by individual releases of all the DVDs bar one. The set was finally officially announced in August 2007 (having been available to order for a couple of weeks prior to that) and ws available from (the URL remained in existence long after the site ceased to functional). It was due for release at the end of August as a limited edition of 1,000. There doesn't seem to be any content from the 90s.The box illustrated on the site actually had 'Treasure Chest' written on the side of the box but said 'Video Vault' on the product. The content includes four televised concerts (the long awaited 'King Arthur On Ice', the Old Grey Whistle Test recording, a 1981 concert from the '1984' tour which is missing a lot of content from the original broadcast, and a concert broadcast on Swedish TV), the 'Night Music' programme, and a DVD featuring a new interview with Rick and his appearance on Omnibus in 1982. So not really anything that hasn't been available as boots and not really a lot for the extortionate £99 plus shipping for the box. It seems to me that this could easily have been a three DVD collection and £40 would have been a more realistic price (but still expensive). This release was only available in NTSC format , an annoying trend at the time. It might be cheaper and easier to only produce one version but PAL is much better quality (and an 'FBI warning' at the start of each DVD is just annoying). The good news is that the set was indeed delivered at the end of August. However it was sent second class without the need for a signature and with just a flimsy card slip case instead of the intended thicker one (a note was included blaming the printers and promising the real case would follow). Worse still is that four of the six DVDs had the wrong content on them! This was blamed on Sony.  The 'King Arthur On Ice' DVD also has a badly butchered version of Galahad on it that appears twice! Voiceprint have sent out higher quality cases and are replacing the DVDs on request. I opted for a refund as there are too many other faults with cover art, menus and chapter points for such a premium product.
[Entry reviewed 29/10/2007]


A live recording of Rick's GRUMPY OLD PICTURE SHOW was announced for release on 14th April 2008 to coincide with the start of the 2008 leg of the tour. The DVD was indeed available from tour merchandising but the release date through the usual channels was delayed to 12th May 2008, which seems much more sensible. Suggestions that Classic Pictures might have reverted to having separate PAL and NTSC releases were sadly unfounded as it is another NTSC release. I suspect the DVD is actually a fusion of live footage from the Dunstable concert and a 'live in the studio' recording.
[Entry reviewed 12/5/2008]
The first of the DVDs from the VIDEO VAULT to be released individually was listed by Voiceprint for release on Dark Print DP102DVD on 21st July 2008. They listed it as LIVE IN SWEDEN although the cover they illustrate the product with just says SWEDISH TELEVISION SPECIAL 1980. This DVD features a great shortened set but does have some quality issues and is far too short to really justify being on an individual DVD. The product notes on some web sites suggest this DVD comes with a remastered CD of the soundtrack, which will add insult to injury for those who purchased the box set.
[Entry reviewed 27/9/2008]
It would appear that the LIVE IN CONCERT 2000 DVD and CD from 2000 was being reissued as a CD and DVD combination in September 2008. The label was listed as Warner on Amazon.
[Entry reviewed 27/9/2008]


The German label Zounds have apparently released a compilation entitled THE JOURNEY in their Zounds BEST series. It isn't mentioned on their website as of January 2009 but is appearing on eBay.
[Entry reviewed 20/1/2009]
Rick recorded an album with Gordon Giltrap (credited to 'Gordon Giltrap and Rick Wakeman') that was finished off early in 2008, if not sooner, and after many delays the plan was to initially release a limited edition of 1,000 copies with a limited edit bonus DVD via the 'microsite' in early 2009. This site became active without any publicity in January and the order button was activated at the end of the month. The CD+DVD seems to have hit doormats on 10th February. In a spectacular cock-up tracks 1-7 and 8-14 were the opposite way round to that suggested on the artwork. It seems this was put down to an artwork error and apparently a corrected cover appeared very quickly indeed, however it doesn't make any sense to have Rick's 'Stone' tracks before Gordon's 'Brush' ones given the name of the album and the crediting of the artists. Apparently the album was being reissued on Gonzo HST018CD on 19/7/2010, which is odd as that comes under Voiceprint and the original release was still available.
[Entry reviewed 14/7/2010]
Live recordings of Rick's performances at Hampton Court Palace on the 1st and 2nd of May 2009 were made up into CDs by Concert Live that were available the same night and may also be purchased online. There are two three-CD sets available, one for each concert , with the third CD in each being a small selection of photographs taken of the event by Lee Wilkinson. I was in two minds as to whether to include these CDs in the main discography and I may yet move them, but if I didn't include them somewhere on the page I'd only be told I'd forgotten them.
[Entry reviewed 09/05/2009]
A DVD of the Hampton Court Palace concert, which I believe may be edited together from both performances, was eventually released on 5th October 2009. Although recorded by Classic Pictures it was released by Eagle Vision. As has sadly become the custom it is NTSC with no PAL version available though there is a Blu-ray version.
[Entry reviewed 3/3/2010]
This is an album of classical, contemporary and Rick's own pieces played on grand piano. Although the official release date was 15 Feb 2010 it was actually available direct from Voiceprint before Christmas 2009.
[Entry reviewed 3/3/2010]


This three CD set of piano music had been talked about for some time before finally being annouced in the very last RWCC newsletters. It was supposed to be exclusively available in early 2010 to RWCC members who had registered an interest, with general release later in the year, so it was somewhat surprising that it was suddenly listed for general release on 1st March 2010 and was already available direct from Voiceprint in January. All the RWCC members got for pre-registering was a belated e-mail from Voiceprint telling them it was now available.
[Entry reviewed 3/2/2010]
The long awaited 'Orchestral DVD' that was supposed to be available exclusively to RWCC members eventually appeared as a general release on 27 September 2010. It is on Music Fusion MFVP127DVD under the new umbrella of Gonzo Multimedia, Voiceprint's holding company having gone into liquidation in the same month. This might explain why Amazon UK warned of delays in supplying the DVD and why at one stage they were only showing it available from third party sellers even though I got my copy from them (indeed Gonzo Multimedia couldn't supply it either).
[Entry reviewed 28/10/2010]
The long awaited album with Jon Anderson, credited to 'Anderson/Wakeman' was released on 29th November 2011 and somehow I failed to add it to this discography until October 2011. This is perhaps because having heard a sample track from the album I had no intention of purchasing it and so forgot about it at the time, then assumed I must have included it.
[Entry reviewed 16/10/2011]


One of the projects that has been knocking around for a few years is an official release of bootleg recordings. BOOTLEG BOX VOL. 1 is the first of a series packaged in mock bootleg style under the name of the CAPED CRUSADER COLLECTORS CLUB. The label is Floating World Records/Retroworld. It is a five CD set. As the first CD looks rather like the audio from LIVE IN SWEDEN there must be some question as to whether these are genuine bootleg recordings or more legitimate ones from TV and radio broadcasts or recorded off the desk. Reports are that the quality is poor so it may be that most are indeed bootlegs.
[Entry reviewed 4/8/2011]
An Anderson/Wakeman CD named THE LIVING TREE LIVE appeared on eBay in October 2011 with a suggested November 28th release date. However purchasers received copies before the end of October and it was available from tour merchandising that month. It was also available direct from Voiceprint in October where the name was shown as THE LIVING TREE LIVE IN CONCERT PART 1. As of early November there had been no official mention of the release of the CD, or indeed any suggestion it was coming.
[Entry reviewed 04/11/2011]
Another five CD set, BOOTLEG BOX VOL. 2 was listed for release on November 14th 2011.
[Entry reviewed 4/8/2011]


An album called IN THE NICK OF TIME or NICK OF TIME in listings was due for release on March 16th 2012 (I think that turned out to be about right but I didn't update the discography after I received it so I can't remember). It is a recording from the 'Out There' tour of 2003.
[Entry reviewed 25/8/2013]
I don't know an awful lot about this album on Mundo Records except for a suggestion that the CD was only released in Argentina, with the release date being May 2012. It is however available on import and also for digital download. It is presumably a recording from one of Rick's performances with solo piano and symphony orchestra, but where and when I don't know.
[Entry reviewed 9/9/2012]
Rick's 2012 re-recording of JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH was first released by Future Publishing on 19th November 2012 as a limited edition 'fan pack' in their 'Classic Rock Presents' series which meant it could be picked up on supermarket shelves. It was suggested there would be a more conventional release with a Roger Dean cover a few months later but it seems like this is not likely to appear until 2014.
[Entry reviewed 18/12/2012]


A DVD/CD package titled LIVE AT THE MALTINGS 1976 has been announced for release on 25th November 2013 on Gonzo. This is presumably the DVD from the Video Vault with an audio version, though this hasn't been confirmed. The label number is RICK002DVD.
[Entry reviewed 8/10/2013]

Alternate releases and cover art variations for albums initially released from 2006 to present

The Japanese release of LIVE AT THE BBC on MSI is illustrated with a slightly darker cover which otherwise looks the same. It may well be it is identical but I thought I'd mention it here just in case.

THE LIVING TREE LIVE IN CONCERT PART ONE appeared in eBay listings as THE LIVING TREE LIVE with different cover art. It is assumed this artwork doesn't actually appear on any real product.

Alternate music video and DVD covers and releases

The video that is perhaps best known in the UK as THE WORD & THE GOSPELS was originally released on Central in 1988 and I reckon that just has to be it in the photo above left. There was an NTSC release as THE WORD - A Musical Spectacular Of The Life Of Christ. CLASSICAL CONNECTION and RICK WAKEMAN LIVE have both had DVD releases (either U.S. or Japan or both) with a PAL version of CLASSICAL CONNECTION finally emerging in April 2004 with the same cover. CHRONICLES had a different cover as a video (perhaps this was the original version?) and is around on DVD under the most familiar one. On Ebay there are stacks of Brazilian DVDs of JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH which will be the same concert though whether based on this issue or the Classic Pictures version I don't know. I don't know if it is a legit release or not.

The very first batch of the AN EVENING WITH RICK WAKEMAN video were made as AN AUDIENCE WITH RICK WAKEMAN it seems though my copy was day one from Amazon and said "Evening" . Classic Pictures had a second version of the cover for THE LEGEND LIVE IN CONCERT 2000 which I most often see in listings for NTSC versions. I must say I prefer this one. A February 2007 reissue is illustrated with a cover without '2000' on it. Similarly I have seen their JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH cover slightly modified and now there is another completely different cover which again I prefer. The U.S. release of the MASTER OF THE RINGS Special Edition DVD, which comes with the CD of Rick's material, has a different cover and I've seem some evidence of this now being used for a UK version but I can't say whether this would include the CD or not.

Back to Classic Pictures and LIVE IN BUENOS AIRES has a different cover which yet again I think is an improvement. The original would have been better had the sunburst effect been centred on Buenos Aires :-) In Brazil there is a variation of the cover. I don't know if this is an official release or not. The CLASSIC ROCK LEGENDS DVD has been repackaged to use the same cover art as all their other releases by Rick.

OUT THERE was initially listed for an April 2003 release and the first of the three covers above was typically used to illustrate it. Classic Pictures themselves used an alternate design in their listings. In late 2003 when the delay to 2004 was announced the third version of the artwork shown above was introduced. However in February 2004 this too was replace by what in my opinion is a much better one. The picture shown above is used inside the DVD packaging and on the DVD menus.

THE ULTIMATE ANTHOLOGY DVD was initially illustrated with a different photo on the cover. It actually comes with a cardboard outer cover with a window in it. If you put the DVD case in with the back showing you get the effect of the cover above, otherwise the one illustrating the listing. The same DVD is also available as THE ANTHOLOGY (this may be the NTSC version).


This discography has been built around what I shall call 'physical' media by which I mean vinyl, CDs, videos and DVDs. This is all very well as long as any 'digital' downloads correspond to such product. However while checking out Studio T, who are releasing AMAZING GRACE, I came across soundtracks to four DVD releases from the Classic Pictures catalogue so it seems this is no longer the case. So I have introduced this section so I can make sure any such product is listed. I don't make any claims for this section being at all comprehensive as I don't really check out downloads at all.

Studio T would appear to have the soundtracks to four DVD products available for download. THE LEGEND - LIVE IN CONCERT seems to have been released on 27th November 2006 with JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH LIVE, LIVE FROM BUENOS AIRES and MADE IN CUBA released on 25th December 2006. These titles are apparently now available from major download stores as well at direct.

The single of AMAZING GRACE was released exclusively on iTunes on 2nd April 2007 and has been made available on many of the worldwide sites. The complete album was released on 19th April 2007 and is available from various digital download sites such as iTunes and Napster.

The GRAND PIANO TOUR was released on 25th June 2007. I had been assuming it is the same thing as the limited edition CD-R of the same name with the additional hope that it had been cleaned up somewhat. However one person who downloaded it said it sounded more like studio recordings of the live material. The track listing is identical to THE OTHER SIDE OF RICK WAKEMAN including the bonus audio track on the DVD so I am wondering if it is the audio from the DVD.

On The Way... ???

Every now and again I 'reset' this section as once anticipated projects fade away into the mists of time. The archives of the RWCC newsletter on the RWCC site make interesting reading in this respect for all the stuff that never happened or was never finished. Indeed it proved wise to forget about anything not mentioned in the very latest newsletter, though it wasn't unknown for stuff not mentioned for a few issues to suddenly appear (e.g. TRIBUTE). It was quite common for product not to be mentioned in the newsletters at all, even after the event. For example I can't recall any mention of all the reissues on Music Fusion/Voiceprint that suddenly started appearing in 2006. It was also not that unusual for product to appear that Rick knew nothing about (e.g. VOYAGE). The September 2009 newsletter mentioned a number of things on the boil but had you read earlier newsletters you wouldn't have known about them, and likewise several projects have vanished into thin air in the last few years (e.g. the 'swing' DVD). The last RWCC newsletter was published at the end of 2009 and there are no unaccounted for projects remaining from that. There seemed to be a few things on the go for 2011, including reissues of the A&M releases with extra material and a piano album but no really firm announcements and now we are nearly in 2013 and nothing has happened.

Anything Else... ???

First and foremost Voiceprint started listing ... WITH BANDA SINFONICA in their online catalogue for August 2003 release with the clear implication that Rick performs on it. He doesn't as it is a symphonic band associated with a Brazilian music school performing the whole of Arthur with an ELP piece as an encore and they have quickly corrected the catalogue infomation. It was actually released in mid-October with the reworked cover mostly emphasising BANDA SINFONICA JOVEN DO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO. Previously only available direct from the school (the original cover is shown above left) it is highly recommended , as was THE RPO PERFORMS THE BEST KNOWN WORKS OF RICK WAKEMAN in the past. It remains to be seen if Voiceprint will amend the title which seems to bear no relation to the cover art anyway.

Anyone who happened upon Classic Rock Productions May 2003 catalogue would have seen a double album of TWO SIDES OF YES advertised at a reasonable price of £12.99 (well reasonably if you hadn't already bought them individually). They even gave a catalogue number CRP1144. However it turns out they never did release it.

Amazon have in the past listed an album called 'Classic Rick Wakeman' from 1994. I am not sure if that is another name for something I've already listed or an incorrect listing or what.

A  DVD generally called THE ITV SESSIONS was once being listed for release on 24th January 2011 then slipped to 21st February before slipping much further to 27th June. It was claimed to be fresh from the ITV archives but it seems that it was actually the 'Bedrock' concert from Nottingham yet again except that it was likely to have Merlin on it this time around. Marketing it as rare and unseen was ridiculous. It was initially planned to release it with an audio CD of the 'Out There' tour but that plan fell through. It was then believed it might still be released with a CD but quite what that CD was remained a mystery. The title seemed to have settled down as THE ITV LIVE ARCHIVE CONCERT SERIES on Wienerworld but the DVD doesn't seem to have ever been released.

There are some Russian releases on CDmaximum that are "two CD in one" packages with for example KING ARTHUR and WHITE ROCK. A release of RHAPSODIES features the later Alpha Sleep and March Of The Child Soldiers as bonus tracks. The packaging looks well done and they have released material by many other artistes with thoughtful addition of bonus tracks. However in the case of Rick's material, and no doubt others, these releases are not "official". Having said that I am told they are quite good quality. You may also find the albums available individually on Russian labels and these are again not official releases even if they are factory sealed silver discs.

As you might expect there are also some Russian compilations. ROCK COLLECTION seems to be MASTER SERIES with three extra tracks intermingled. FOREVER GOLD is THE MASTERS double CD with eight tracks from RETURN TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH added on the end, and HISTORY OF ROCK is the RECOLLECTIONS compilation. No doubt there are several others around but I haven't looked into this area much.

This is just a selection of covers for illustrative purposes. I am making no attempt to show a cover for each film and certainly not to show all the different ones.

There are several films and TV productions which Rick has written and performed the soundtrack for, some of which I suspect are no longer available on video (if indeed they ever were) or have not made it to DVD. The Internet Movie Database volunteers (most of) the following:

LISZTOMANIA should be pretty easy to get hold of and THE BURNING is available on PAL and NTSC DVDs. You probably want to make sure you are getting an uncut one. G'OLE and HERO were available on video in 1998 (a World Cup year) but you had to look for them in the sports section of shops and they are probably much more elusive at the moment. CRIMES OF PASSION is available on NTSC DVD and you definitely want to look out for the uncut version of this as the U.S. cinema release had a whole scene removed. CREEPSHOW 2 is available on DVD. BULLET TO BEIJING and MIDNIGHT IN ST PETERSBURG seem to be freely available on PAL and NTSC video and I think were available on NTSC DVD.

The IMDB lists B.C. ROCK as the U.S. title of the *1979* French/Belgian animated fim (with adult content) "Le Chaînon Manquant" which was released internationally as "The Missing Link". However my researches suggest that the film was initially released in English and then overdubbed into French and that the featured artist is none other than Leo Sayer. I belive the name B.C. ROCK is only used for the *1984* U.S. release of the filmwhich has a new soundtrack featuring a number of well known artists. Rick's contributions are three tracks recorded at the time of COST OF LIVING - Flyin', Steamhole Dance and Warmongers. The latter two are featured on the PRIVATE COLLECTION album (hence the cryptic references to "The Missing Link" in the packaging). Flyin' is on CD 6 of the TREASURE CHEST. So if you are chasing this search out the NTSC video of the 1984 film called B.C. ROCK and nothing else. Actually the TREASURE CHEST states that Flyin' is a joint composition from 1980 and it does include a female vocal, so maybe it was recorded earlier?

I don't know anything about the Spanish film or what his involvement was with CREEPSHOW 2. I came across a mention of SHE in an old RWCC newsletter which talked about Rick having submitted the tapes for a soundtrack album so that would suggest a major contribution beyond that the IMDB credits would suggest. Similarly PLAYING FOR KEEPS is mentioned for having some original music including a piece called Chloe that was written for a scene cut from the film.

The remainder are definitely "proper" soundtracks. Rick also recorded a soundtrack for the film "Alone" which was supposed to be released in 2001 but escaped anyone's attention if it did. However last minute edits were made to the film and Rick was not available to redo the soundtrack so it couldn't be used. The album WHITE ROCK II features music from the "Reflections Of Winter" series of films which presumably where shown on TV somewhere by someone.

There are also several TV programmes that Rick has written original theme music for. In addition to Lytton's Diary and Database which were released on a single, there is also "Ask Aspel" for one (three versions it seems). The theme to a serial called "My Son, My Son" was actually Birdman Of Alcatraz and had a single release exploiting this. There was also a documentary on British TV called SUPERCAT about Jaguar cars.

CLASSIC GRAND PRIX CARS was a DVD and VHS that Rick provided a soundtrack for. The short video (about 21 minutes) subtitled BEHIND THE WHEEL is a mix of stills with musical backing and film of the cars in action with and without backing. The engine noise does mask the music in places. The DVD is more of interest because the music has been isolated and presented as a music only selection. However this seems to have been done as the audio backing to a menu page so you can't step or fast forward through it. Rick says it is something he knocked up at the end of some studio time rather than a high quality production job but its still a perfectly decent soundtrack. Though the DVD was new for 2002 the original dates back to 1982 and the soundtrack features Tony Fernandez and John Gustafson which suggests the COST OF LIVING sessions. There are 12 tracks with a total of around 20 minutes or so which may be very slightly extended compared to the video soundtrack itself.

Touch wood, I have now merged in all the music videos to the main discography but there is also the mail order only MAKING OF SURREAL video which I haven't seen.

Rick presents and is featured performing live in the Roger Dean documentary DVD called VIEWS (another Classic Rock Legends effort). It seems the live performance is the same clip of him playing The Meeting as used on TWO SIDES OF YES but without the pathetic video effects on it.

In September 2007, Classic Home Entertainment (another arm of Classic Pictures) are releasing IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT BEAST (subtitled Aleister Crowley,The Wickedest Man In The World) and Rick has provided the soundtrack. If that floats your boat then you can purchase it from Amazon UK.

There are other interesting items about as well. For example the MICROCOSM computer game features some rather good music from Rick (it sounds like it was recorded in the early 1990s to me) and the BETWEEN EARTH AND THE END OF TIME collaboration with Rodney Matthews is also good (it is an interactive CD-ROM featuring original music by Rick). The MICROCOSM stuff is on CD 6 of the TREASURE CHEST. Also on the same CD is the original master mix of Beyond which Rick contributed to the album BEYOND THE PLANETS (the album typically gets attributed to Kevin Peek).

Obviously Rick has featured as a member of The Strawbs and Yes and appeared on numerous sessions and guest appearances but this discography is really about his solo works. The odd track may appear on compilations but more of interest is that there are a few otherwise unavailable original works and rearranged pieces around. Ones that spring to mind are a version of Catherine Of Aragon recorded for Korg's THE BEST OF THE 01/W promo CD and later included on MUSIC FOR THE 3RD MILLENNIUM, Vol. 1 (AMP AMP-CD039), Babylon which has appeared on WE GIVE A DAMN and SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS (available on Amazon UK) , and a recording of Beethoven's Pathetique on the STEINWAY TO HEAVEN album (also available on Amazon UK).

Something that often turns up is the SPECIAL SAMPLER on Jimco records in Japan which was a promo only disc with a number of Ambient music tracks.

Wesley Miller has told me of an interesting little collection of short instrumentals called BBC RADIOPLAY MUSIC dating from 1986 which never received a public release. This contains the tracks Early Warning, Clouds, Scorpion, After The Kill, Serpent, Indian Rope Trick, and Dark. A couple of those titles appear on ROCK'N'ROLL PROPHET though Adam Lesley adds that they are actually different versions.

Every now and again the subject of DRAGONMERE comes up. This was the work of an amateur musician named Andy Stallman who makes his living painting buildings.  He also now favours the bagpipes over keyboards. It was his first and only attempt to compose, perform and record a CD. He finished it back in 1992 but felt it wasn't good enough to market so just contented himself with sending a few copies to friends and family, plus making MP3 copies available to the internet community. The story as I understand it is that it appeared on Napster but that unfortunately when another user downloaded a copy she stored it in the same folder that she kept her copies of Rick's material. People in turn copied it from her folder and so it propagated under Rick's name. People either thought it was work of Rick's they hadn't heard of before or they thought someone was trying to pass off their work as his. The blameless author was somewhat bemused to think his work could be anyway compared with or mistaken for Rick's.

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