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I neither set nor use cookies on the Recollection site but Google Analytics is in use behind the scenes so you will encounter first-party cookies (meaning cookies with the domain set to or

I consider all the cookies used to be pretty innocuous but you may have a different view. I can't justify the effort to put in opt-outs at the moment so I'm afraid I have to ask you to deal with the cookies yourself or I have to accept you aren't going to want to visit the site. I'll keep the situation under review though.

For the purposes of compliance with the 'UK Cookie Law' (the UK implementation of the 'EU Cookie Directive'), I believe that the 'implied consent' path should be adequate for this, though it is a somewhat grey area. The bottom line is that I have to try and make you aware that cookies are in use so you are able to make a decision about whether you would want to accept them or not. I can then infer from your continued use of the site that you consent to their being used and will take your own action to manage them if you so wish. I feel I've provided you with enough information so it is really a question of whether I have tried hard enough to tell you about the cookies.


Your visit to the this site will be logged in the usual anonymous fashion by the host ISP and the logs are available to me. I don't share them with anyone and will only use them for web analytics purposes. Your visit is logged in the anonymous way by Google because of the use of Google Analytics. They provide me with information in a statistical form and again I don't share it with anyone.

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