This Band Of Brothers.

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The earliest book about the Reconnaissance Corps is 'This Band Of Brothers' by Jeremy Taylor, which is the official history of the Corps produced in 1947 and long since out of print. The prose is a little flowery perhaps but it is certainly worth a read.

Title This Band Of Brothers
Author Jeremy Taylor
Publisher The White Swan Press, 1947

The book includes the statement 'The Regiment was formed in January, 1941, from the 7th Battalion, Royal West Kents.' This has been picked up on by Wikipedia and by other websites but it is at odds with The Reconnaissance Journal and Only The Enemy In Front which have it being formed out of the anti-tank companies of the 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division. The 7th Battalion of the Queen's Own Royal West Kents was in 36th Infantry Brigade at the time and remained in existence until May 1944.

References to 44 Recce in the book will be extracted and presented on this section of the site.

The extracts will be taken from a PDF of the book which seems to have been OCRed from the original. Thanks are due to Paul Mitchell ('Recce_Mitch').