Extracts from 'Only The Enemy In Front'. This page introduces the book.

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Perhaps the best modern source of information about the Reconnaissance Corps is the book 'Only The Enemy In Front' by Richard Doherty. This was first published by Tom Donovan Publishing in 1994 and the title, taken from the unofficial motto of the Corps, included the extra 'Every other beggar behind…'.  A new edition of book was republished by The History Press in 2008. Doherty has drawn on This Band Of Brothers, war diaries, The Reconnaissance Journal and other sources to provide a pretty comprehensive history of the Corps.

The book seemed to be out of print in June 2011 and remains that way in August 2013, though The History Press allow pre-ordering which might suggest there will be another print run at some stage.

Title Only The Enemy In Front (Every other beggar behind…)
Author Richard Doherty
Publisher Tom Donovan Publishing, 1994
ISBN 1-87108-518-7
Title Only The Enemy In Front
Author Richard Doherty
Publisher The History Press, 2008
ISBN 978-1-86227-443-3

On first reading of the book it may seem that 44 Recce are somewhat skipped over compared to other units but that would be a little unfair. The book would be terribly dry and factual without including personal accounts and recollections and it just seems to be the case that there is very little of that material about for 44 Recce. The references to 44 Recce in the book have been transcribed and are presented in this section of the website.

This section of the website was originally titled 'History' and intended to give a history of the regiment. As there are only a limited number of sources of information available and Doherty has drawn on most, if not all, of them it seemed silly not to take advantage of his research on this website. Rather than just rehashing essentially the same material it seemed more honest to just transcribe sections from the book and then fill in around them with contextual information and extra details as required.  This section now emphasises that it is based on the book.

The extracts from the book are clearly differentiated from the rest of the page. Extracts from the book that are quoted directly from other sources are highlighted in a different colour. Doherty clearly references his sources in his book but those references have been removed in the transcriptions. Clearly there could be copyright issues here but one would hope anyone seriously interested in the Recce Corps will have bought the book anyway, and anyone only interested in the 44 Recce sections would be more likely to just borrow a copy from their local library.  So I don't think I am doing any harm here, but of course that isn't my decision and if requested or required I'll just have to remove the transcriptions.