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The 44 Recce war diaries may be viewed and copied at the National Archives in Kew. The relevant documents are:

Reference Scope Dates
WO 166/527 44TH. DIVISION: Reconnaissance Battalion. 1941 Jan. - Dec. [View the diaries]
WO 166/6267 DIVISIONS: 44 DIVISION: 44 Reconnaissance Regiment. 1942 Jan. - Apr. [View the diaries]
WO 169/4138 Recce Regt. 1942 Jul. - Dec.
WO 169/8765 44 Recce. Regt. 1943 Jan. - Dec [View the diaries]
WO 170/889 44 Reconnaissance Regiment 1944 Jan. - Dec. [View the diaries]
WO 170/4372 44 Recce. Regt, RAC 1945 Jan. - Nov. [View the diaries]

If there is a diary covering the period of May to June 1942 it is proving elusive. At that time the regiment was at sea, sailing from Scotland to Egypt via South Africa.

Some of the pages from the above files are available on this site, courtesy of Glynn Brown, and in particular the war diaries themselves.

When an enquiry was made about having the diaries copied, the National Archives estimated the 1945 file to be about 775 pages, plus a few sheets of greater than A3 size. The 1944 file was too large to estimate. However the actual war diaries amount to less than fifty pages for 1945 and around a hundred pages for 1944 so the files include a lot of duplicate pages and additional material.

The National Archives has other documents that might be of interest. These include:

Reference Scope Dates
WO 32/4720 REGIMENTAL DRESS AND BADGES: Infantry (Code 43(B)):
Badges and shoulder titles of the Infantry Reconnaissance Corps
1940 - 1941
WO 32/10425 ARMY ORGANISATION: Royal Armoured Corps (Code 14(R)):
Amalgamation of Reconnaissance Corps with the Royal Armoured Corps
1943 - 1944
WO 32/11520 ARMY ORGANISATION: Other Arms (Code 14 (J)):
Disbandment of the Reconnaissance Corps
1945 - 1946

WO 32/4720 has been photographed and may be viewed on WW2Talk.