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Roads and localities

A closer look at some roads and areas of Lower Edmonton, plus a listing of all the roads in Lower Edmonton and a look at some of the shops that were in town back in 1937.
Please note that most pages on this site have had little attention since the end of 2005 so may be somewhat out of date. Even if some parts of the page have clearly been updated that does not mean all the page has.
A closer look at several roads or areas of town. Particular attention has been paid to Edmonton Green though it has to be said it was already hard enough dealing with the area before the shopping centre was built without now having to deal with the fact that a large area has been demolished again and new construction is underway. 

There is also a list of every road in Lower Edmonton (or every one I know about) with some brief comment on the location and nature of each. Finally there is a look at some of the shops that existed in parts of town in 1937, for no other reason than I have a 1937 directory.

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